Letter: Using Jesus in council prayers is a blessing

By Richard Cartwright

The Daily Advance

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I felt blessed when I recently read that the name of Jesus could and would be mentioned in the prayers made in the Elizabeth City Council meetings. I am glad that prayers that use Jesus’ name will no longer raise legal risks for Elizabeth City.

Dear Reader,
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The founders of our

The founders of our government acknowledged the providence of the Christian God as guiding them in day to day affairs of the nation. This has been a tradition since the country was founded. I don't understand what the big deal is if a governing body, be it local or national wants to offer a brief prayer to begin a meeting. Our founders certainly did not hesitate. And the tradition involved Judeo-Christian philosophy, not Islam or Wiccan. One more thing: John Fugelsang has pointed to Matthew 5 as a proof text that Jesus was against public prayer. He does so either in ignorance or by blatant deception. In this passage Jesus was chastising narcissistic, egotistical clergy of the day who loudly prayed more for show than to sincerely petition the Almighty' blessing. This reference was meant for individuals not organized groups or governing bodies which can clearly be demonstrated other places in the New Testament. Jesus, Himself, prayed publically many times such as when feeding the multitudes.

Using Jesus in prayer

is always a blessing.

Let me ask you

Mr. Cartwright . . . What if I wanted to offer a prayer to Allah or to the Great Goddess? Would you be okay with that?

There are laws

That restrict the gathering of council members and the number present. Just like when they go into closed session there are very few topics allowed for discussion behind closed doors and even then any action or voting has to be done in public.


If I remember in watching this meeting- prayer was FOR the council members to ask for wisdom to do the right thing for the city and the stregth to do so. It was not for the Council audience or TV watchers. Why can't they pray as a group BEFORE entering chambers. Or do they need an audience?


always need an audience.

Hey, Bwheat !

No audience is required, but the prayer opens the meeting and they are certainly well within their right to begin the meeting as THEY see fit. The prayer is for THEM, NOT YOU! Please feel free to exercise your own rights and free agency by not attend the city council meeting at all if you're so offended. This invitation extends to anyone else feeling as you do.

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