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Letter: Walmart will lay waste to Edenton’s downtown

By Andrew San Juan

The Daily Advance

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Walmart tried more than a decade ago to enter Edenton and failed, with good reason. Edentonians were smart then to keep the chain store from invading their town.

Dear Reader,
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Ecity downtown was first hurt by SouthGate Mall, then KMart, then WalMart. They all had the same benefits for shoppers compared to downtown; parking, air conditioning, and one stop shopping. As for cost, a Mall is like individual businesses, while big box stores like Kmart and Walmart offer lower relative cost with the same variety of products as an entire mall or small downtown. Regarding wages, I'm not so sure that our local businesses actually pay any better than Walmart. They are all retailers with the same employee overhead issues and they all work within the existing Federal minimum wage scale. Do we really think local businesses pay more than WalMart? I don't know. Can someone answer this? I am pretty sure that individual local businesses have higher operating overhead relative to revenue than WalMart and I think that's where Walmart beats them and puts them out of business, rather than employee cost. I am interested to hear more about this from someone that is familiar with it. Anyone? Either way, I agree with the original letter writer. Walmart will kill downtown Edenton. But not because of relative pricing. It will happen because the customer base isn't large enough to support both and Walmart will be the shiney new thing that promises lower cost. Downtowns like Elizabeth City and Edenton are faced with the reality that they must become boutique business centers for dining, entertainment, and speciality shops that can capitalize on the one thing that WalMart can't offer - the Water Front View. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

You are point on , Andrew!

Cheap, cheap, cheap! That's all you hear from shallow minded shoppers of WalMart. Sure, items are cheaper, just like the quality. WalMart does nothing FOR any community but bring it down. They DO NOT sell USA made goods. The only communities they support are those in China. Sure, there are those from the Edenton area that shop EC WalMart, but closer examination of those who do will find those self-same people without care and support for the well being of their own Edenton community. The best days work any caring citizen could ever do for the Edenton community is to fight, tooth and nail, to keep WalMart OUT OF THEIR AREA!

Do you Really

Do you really think that people from Edenton DON'T shop at WalMart now? Frankly, I'd rather see a Target or a Publix . . .

Wal-Mart in Edenton???

As much as I like "convenience" and "availability" I hate to think of what a big box store will do to Edenton's downtown. We are new to the area but we love it and we especially love the fact that downtown is not a "wasteland" of darkened buildings like so many other small towns in this state and beyond. My next-door neighbors (of whom I am very fond) have a business on Broad Street and I'm sure that they would be hurt badly by the establishment of a big discounter. I'm with you Andrew. Were it put to a vote today, I would have to give it a "nay".

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