Letter: What if both parties fought for black vote?

By John Woodard

The Daily Advance

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I was at the meeting reference the 4-2-1 plan. Regardless of your views about that plan, I felt that a public referendum was needed before we would turn our governmental system upside down. Afterwards, however, I began thinking about race relations and what the black community could do in order to achieve an adequate voice in the affairs of government, which was the purpose of the 4-2-1 plan.

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It is 2014, the only ones talking race are government & media! We are all equal under the law. One man, one vote! Liberal government is culling the herd!


Why are the Republicans getting blamed for not putting blacks on the board. Every elections the county commissioners have been elected in a Democrat primary, until last election. Seems to me the Democrats should be taking the blunt, if black's want blame someone just look at each other.

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