Letter: Who needs terrorists when sugar is our foe?

By Jim Bridges

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The Cookie Monster (sugar) is destroying America. Every time we feed him he grows stronger. If the terrorists just wait, we’ll indulge ourselves to death.

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Oh ye of little faith

Jim, I don't see why we should be worried when we have the affordable care act and all that free preventable stuff. You even said so yourself. Besides that your friends in government are fixing to regulate/tax sugar so it will be unaffordable. So see, all that worry for nothing.

Sad but true

This is sad but very true. We are killing ourselves and our children with our current diets. Even the medical profession got the recommended diets horribly wrong three decades ago. Cut the sugars and simple carbohydrates that turn into sugar. Our bodies have not adapted quick enough to the abundance of sugar and processed grains that we consume that were not available even a hundred years ago.

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