Letter: Why did it take Obama so long to acknowledge VA problems

By Mark Goddard

The Daily Advance

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I noticed interestingly enough that The Daily Advance’s resident comic, Bud Wright, managed to write about the recent scandal at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs without mentioning our golfing, vacationing, fundraising, teleprompter-reading president. He did however get in his usual “Republicans are evil” dig.

Dear Reader,
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Well, Mike...

My Ag extension agent recommends storage of this stuff in a lined pit, and covered to prevent the flies from gathering.

Apparently you missed the window for that cover.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Force 12 - When I clicked on "reply", "NOT SILENT" appears at the end of your input...strange, as does not appear when simply reading your comment. As have seen a dialogue on this subject, just wanted you to know. Oh, by the way, really just wanted to thank-you for the recycling tip! Bill Hiemer

Well, thank you, Mr. Heimer!

I've just had the same result.

Mr. DoMo, I apologize.

I'll check with the Newspaper to find out why this happens. It's not something that I'm doing myself. Since I don't reply to my own postings I've never seen this.

Hmm. I should have cooked that egg first, I think;) I wonder if the Ag Extension fellows can give me some tips.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


My pleasure, FORCE 12 - that little blog gremlin did it again, when I clicked on reply. Always enjoy, while not always in sympathy with, your posts! Do admire your jousting abilities! Bill HIEmer

Thank you.

I don't have many friends in these letters, I think. I was raised in NC and perhaps I've had a mistaken impression that our state is politically more to the center right than it really is. Our correspondents seem to be very far to the right and that's why I started writing. Perhaps it's just our times. We have good people here, and they raise good points in these letters.

Thank you for your courtesy!

Oh, I did apologize to DoMo in our "discussion" thread. Humble pie tastes a lot like crow.

The paper has moved this to their IT folks. Very strange.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12



Yes... All true.

Yes... All true.

Well stated

Undeniable truth!

Very well said

Mr. Goddard.

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