Letter: Why didn’t Hagan diss Obama on Obamacare?

By Gordon Adams Sr.

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It is quite interesting how a politician will be a cheerleader for the president one moment and ignore him the next. We all know about Sen. Kay Hagan’s recent “dissing” of the president. But where was she when he was insistent on ramming Obamacare down our throats? She was being a loyal Democrat instead of a knowledgeable legislator who was concerned about the interests of the country and the citizens who elected her.

But the bigger issue is the future of the Big Government progressives/liberals in our society. The liberal experiment has shown itself not to be a winner for this nation. The days of tax-and-spend liberalism have finally convinced people in North Carolina that a change of direction was worthwhile despite the constant carping of the liberal media, who have avowed to destroy Gov. Pat McCrory’s objectives. But if we all are persistent, the jobs and economic development that were promised in the campaign in 2012 will pay off. We all hope that some of that will come our way in northeastern North Carolina.

Our local elected officials seem to follow the Democratic playbook. When property values go down, they initially seek to raise the percentage of assessments to maintain the same level of revenue. Why not attempt to reduce spending first? If reductions are made and still more money is needed to maintain necessary services, then we should hear the justifications.

Are our county commissioners and City Council members like Kay Hagan? You decide.

Elizabeth City


Good Letter!

Good points--I wonder if she has an answer.

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