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Letter: Why fight effort to brighten kids’ futures?

By Martha Johnson

The Daily Advance

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I find myself confused as to why anyone would fault our mayor and others for trying to improve education in Elizabeth City. Lord knows we need it. There is no shortage of persons begging for better facilities and opportunities for our students to learn and excel — if they choose to do so. Yet, there is an element in our town of persons who actively attempt to foil every opportunity for improvement.

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I "borrowed" this from this

I "borrowed" this from this site. Why are Democrats opposed to school vouchers? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems that Terry McAuliffe is the latest Democrat to send his children to an elite private school while opposing vouchers for poor students. McAuliffe sends four children to Potomac School, where tuition is well over $30,000 per year, and one to a different private high school. In choosing private schools for his kids, he joins Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and many other democratic politicians. In addition to sending their children to private school, many of these Democratic politicians attended private school themselves. Al Gore attended St. Albans school, Joe Biden went to Archmere Academy, Nancy Pelosi went to the Institute of Notre Dame, ... It seems that when they have a personal stake in the matter, many Democrats feel that private school is preferable to public school. Yet the Democratic Party remains almost totally opposed to voucher programs that would allow poor students to escape from failing public schools and attend private schools. Such voucher programs have a proven record of success: This report collects the results of all available empirical studies using the best available scientific methods to measure how school vouchers affect academic outcomes for participants, and all available studies on how vouchers affect outcomes in public schools. Contrary to the widespread claim that vouchers do not benefit participants and hurt public schools, the empirical evidence consistently shows that vouchers improve outcomes for both participants and public schools. Now most Democrats that I encounter say that they are concerned about income inequality and about lack of opportunities for the poor to rise up the economic ladder. If they're so concerned about such things, why do they continue to support a system that lets rich children get a good education in private school, but leaves many poor children stranded in public schools that the government itself classifies as "failing"? To respond to a few of the common responses: 1. The argument that vouchers will help those, mostly rich, who already send their kids to private schools. In this post, I listed some of the largest voucher programs and showed that they are only available to the poor and some slice of the middle class. They do not benefit the rich at all, so this argument is flatly wrong. 2. The argument that vouchers hurt public schools. As the study I linked to says, the scientific evidence shows overwhelmingly that when voucher programs are created, the result is beneficial for nearby public schools. So why do Democrats continue to support a system that provides a high-quality private school education to the rich while leaving many poor children trapped in failing public schools?

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