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Letter: Why isn't 60 percent of budget enough?

By Gordon Adams Sr.

The Daily Advance

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Regarding the letter, “Teachers: Leave the NCAE — get immediate raise,” the conservative Civitas organization is reminding all teachers that if they leave the North Carolina Association of Educators the savings they won’t pay in dues will become an effective pay raise averaging $450 per year.

Dear Reader,
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I'm just gonna blurt...

this out, and you may make of it what you will:

The American Right To ORGANIZE labor was won through blood and sacrifice against corporate and government power and greed that was backed by thugs and yes, police, with clubs and guns in the past. Now I understand that the repugnican party wants to divest the state, and the federal government, of any and all responsibility for public education, but that just isn't going to happen. Unless, that is, our repugnican legislature pushes through Glorious Amendment #2 to our state constitution to eliminate the constitutional requirement for it. When they do that, then our repugnicans can proceed to expand the own interests in the commercial education industry, wash their hands of quality control, and further spread the gospel of "creation science," whatever that is.

They've just failed in their first step toward divestment with their slight-of-hand move to remove poor kids from the system. Luckily the courts agree with some of us that giving private schools tax money is unconstitutional. Please understand that this is not about school choice at all. It's really about removing the statistically lowest performing group of students from all performance measures for public schools. WITH poor kids, schools are "failing." WITHOUT poor kids, public schools miraculously succeed, all due to repugnican support for "school choice" and public school "improvements." A less recognized, but understood "benefit" for repugnicans' religious right supporters, and their faith based private schools is that many of the "opportunity scholarships" will place poor performing kids directly in thrall of these schools and their non-science "creation science," to the detriment of their overall learning.

Oh, has anyone seen a road back from private schools to public schools if the poor kids don't succeed there? And where does any remaining "opportunity scholarship" money go if the student fails? I probably missed that part.

Don't misunderstand me regarding my thoughts on creation science and evolution. It's just that one is faith and the other is science, and neither ever actually intersects the other. The science side just says this out loud, while the faith side seems intent on masquerading as science to sell itself for some reason unfathomable to me. Facts and faith don't have to agree. That's the beauty of faith. And the beauty of facts.

So, the question is, what would NC repugnicans actually do with the 60% of the current budget that would have been spent on education? Give everyone a 60% tax cut, or stick to the script of helping just their wealthy friends?

Back to teacher pay and benefits - this is just the cost of business folks, nothing more or less than that. Some want to say that pay increases are bad, but until repugnicans actually kill public education, fair pay is required to hire and retain good teachers and administrators. We directly compete with four border states for the same pool of professionals, and considering workforce mobility today, we actually compete with all 50. This works exactly the same way in business.

When you consider ROI - Return on Investment, the 60% of budget dedicated to schools and teachers repays more than 100% of state revenue when you consider that teacher pay, school construction and maintenance, etc., goes directly back into the economy, and their product - educated graduates, produces continuous generations of skilled workers that perpetuate our system. We already know that private for profit schools have no interest in holding down costs, while public schools clearly do, and can because of scale.

The NCAE and the NEA exist to protect the interests of their members against unfair employment practices, among other things. Every similar labor union and professional organization does the same thing for their members. This is a hard-won American tradition that was strongly supported by real Republicans in the past. Likewise strong support for education.

When we eat our seed corn, we all starve. What the heck happened to you people?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

so, leaving a child in a

so, leaving a child in a failing school with no option is a sacrifice you'd make? The heck with the child and its future. There are many failing schools - and it's fine to say "fix the school" - but that might take 3, 4 or 8 years. We'll just throw away that child's future.

I wish the respectful Force 12

would be good enough to share the education least to bring us up in the top 10 in world standing.

It seems as though he is satisfied with substandard student learning; just raise the salaries.

Labor unions now seem to care about nothing but themselves regardless of the real world cost. To be responsible, all things should be considered.


What exactly does that mean? Is that part of what you, "respectfully" submitted and will not be silent about? Michael Audette

It's Professor Bob's way

of being cute.

Who is...

... Professor Bob?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

That would be Professor Bob Thorne, ECSU Retired.

As if you didn't know.

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. As with other unions and quasi unions, the NCAE's job is to drum up discontent among its members. Without the members' dues, the NCAE ceases to exist - so it's a matter of self-preservation.

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