Letter: Will Currituck election results be repeated?

By Gordon Adams Sr.

The Daily Advance

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The Daily Advance recently reported that Currituck Commissioners Butch Petrey and Paul Martin may have lost their primary elections because they voted for an increase in their county’s property tax rate last year. Well, here in Pasquotank, we not only intend to raise property taxes but are going further in debt by an additional $1.6 million above the more than $70 million already owed.

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budget savings

Ask your Pasquotank County commissioners why they chose to continue with a plan to spend $500,000 on school roof repairs even after one commissioner researched and disclosed another option that could save at least half that cost. It seems that if they are "playing monopoly" cost is not an issue! No problem, just raise taxes seems to be their solution. I guarantee that if the money was coming out of their personal pocketbooks, they would be a bit more careful with their spending...


Beware the politician who promises to cut taxes but never says what or where, just trust me........

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