Letter: Willful ignorance on Obama overreach

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During the past week I have had several unfortunate opportunities to witness — and cringe at — the overwhelming and willful ignorance of a portion of our electorate concerning the kerfuffle Rush Limbaugh caused last week when discussing Georgetown University law student Sarah Fluke and President Obama’s unconstitutional overreach.

At one event several women chortled over what they thought was a put-down of a Rush defender, never realizing that they were condemning themselves as uninformed bigots. Another woman prattled on about how she’s been a long-time defender of “women’s rights” and just couldn’t abide Rush’s comments. But when asked how she felt about the despicable language used against former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by comedian and HBO talk show host Bill Maher and many others on the left, the answer was “I don’t know about that...” Nevertheless, they feel competent and compelled to condemn Rush without ever having listened to his show.

If they had listened, they would at least have been exposed to the fact (but probably wouldn’t have understood) that the subject was not Fluke’s sexual proclivities, but rather Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional overreach in insisting that the Roman Catholic Church provide health care insurance that includes contraceptives that church doctrine prohibits. Rush was using irony to make the point that Obama and company were overreaching. But in his zeal, he let his rhetoric descend to the level the left is in the habit of using — for which he appropriately apologized. But, of course, the apology was rejected.

Mr. Mike Goodman, editor of The Daily Advance, is apparently as much in a state of willful ignorance about what really went on as these clueless women. He mentions “the merit of Fluke’s message,” but there was no merit. The Democrats tried at the last moment to have Fluke appear as a witness before the House Oversight Committee that was discussing the anti-First Amendment reality of Obama’s health insurance mandate. She was not invited because another Democrat witness, at the behest of Democrats on the committee, had already been invited. As it turned out later, Fluke, in a mock Democrats-only hearing, only talked about why she wanted someone else to pay for her contraceptives.

Hardly meritorious. And then Goodman lauds Obama for personally calling Fluke to “sooth any damages.” Did Obama or the good editor ever express such distress and compassion when Palin was so egregiously attacked during and after the 2008 election campaign?

And the attacks continue, now including movies denigrating her. But the ones so quick to condemn Rush don’t know — or care — anything about that. Our good editor goes on to ask “Have loyal followers (of Rush) recognized the harm done?” The proper question should be does our good editor — and like-minded elitists — realize the harm they are doing to this country by their willful ignorance and their failure to keep their readers informed about reality and the destruction being inflicted upon this nation by the likes of the Obama regime and the progressive movement?

Which brings to mind a quote from Goethe: “There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance.”




The media has the duty and

The media has the duty and responsibility to provide unbiased facts to the public. Instead, they knowingly and intentionally publish misinformation intended to influence voters. The democrats skillfully turned what was a hearing on the federal government infringing on religion into the republican's war against women. This charade would not have been possible without the willing and zealous cooperation of the mainstream media. The vast majority of the media are liberal and want the democrats and President Obama to prevail in November. They will do whatever they can to help towards this end.

Well written.

Thank you.

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