Letter: Williams could be serious and funny

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Williams could be serious and funny

The sudden and tragic passing of entertainer Robin Williams is a tremendous loss for us all. He was truly one of a kind and there will never be another one just like him. He was a comic genius, accomplished academy award winning actor, and a creative powerhouse.

I remember taking a break from my Navy schooling in 1979 to watch Mork and Mindy. His genius was very evident there, and I knew he would go far in the entertainment biz. Who could forget him calling his boss Orson “Laser breath?” Williams knew exactly how to be both serious and funny.

When he toured with our troops with the USO he mastered the art of humor at the same time knowing full well the seriousness of the mission the troops were on. In my opinion just like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby did when they toured with the USO. In that sense he himself was a soldier as well as an entertainment pioneer.

Again, Robin Williams was one of a kind. He will be sorely missed and always will be remembered for many years to come in the many hearts that he has touched.


Elizabeth City