Letter: Wright ignores issues to chase boogeymen

By Mark Goddard

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Although I never read the comics anymore, I always look forward to a good laugh each Saturday reading Bud Wright’s “conservatives are evil” column. His column on the March 1st opinions page once again featured his belief, using the same tired old rhetoric, that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the tea party are what’s wrong with America.

Dear Reader,
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(comment repeated)


Nuff said.

Thank you! Awesome letter!

Unfortunately this paper will continue to print Wrights wrongs... At least we can laugh, right?

Great letter!

Bud Wright/Bud Lite. Enough of either can make you feel totally giddy and/or comatose. The only major difference is, one is a headache inducer and the other is a pain in the ass, much like a hemorrhoid. Both are grim reminders of just how totally useless they are and how good it feels afterwards to be rid of.



Terrific letter Mr. Goddard.

Terrific letter Mr. Goddard. I couldn't agree more.

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