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Letter: Wright omits examples of meanness by left

By Mark Goddard

The Daily Advance

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So now according to Bud Wright, we have become a “mean” society. As is the recurring theme in everything Wright writes, he only mentions one obscure example from someone on the “right” that 0.01 percent of the U.S. population has ever heard of. Ted Nugent? Really?

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Nothing new

The left always accuses the rest of doing what they have perfected.............

My assessment

The only logical and plausible reason for the existence or usefulness of Bud Wright is to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide to keep trees alive.


An excellent example of being mean!

Aw don't pay him no mind.

Aw don't pay him no mind. Bud is just a shill for MSNBC The Maddow-Sharpton Nightly Bashing Conservatives Network

Opened my eyes!

'Twinstar', I had never really known the true meaning of that acronym until now!

Right on,

Mr. Goddard.

Twinstar and W.A. Lehmann

I concur.

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