Letter: Wright should reconsider ending weekly column

By Ray Clarke Sr.

The Daily Advance

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I am both saddened and disappointed to hear of Bud Wright’s decision to no longer write a column for The Daily Advance. In my opinion, he is a gifted writer and he very effectively communicates his views on many of the issues that we face today.

Granted, we have different points of view on many topics to be sure. However, I have always supported the free exchange of ideas in the marketplace of opinions. We live in a very diverse nation. There is no shortage of ideas or opinions on the many important issues that we face here in this country. A very important part of what makes America exceptional is just that: diversity and the God-given liberties that we have. I will always advocate strongly for both.

We are all in this country together. Therefore, we can all benefit from the many viewpoints from different people that can be respectfully shared. With that said, I certainly hope that Mr. Wright reconsiders his decision.


Elizabeth City


I rarely (probably never)

I rarely (probably never) agreed with Bud Wright. Too often his columns just seemed to repeat liberal/progressive talking points one can find all over the internet and MSNBC. However, Bud Wright is an excellent writer and has every right to express his point of view. What would be really nice is if there was someone that could/would give both sides of a story.

Hateful Comments & Stepping Out Of It

I read Bud Wright's columns and don't believe I ever, not even once, agreed with his point of view however I never had issue with him having a different opinion than mine. It's good to be exposed to other opinions on issue and then and give thought to them, mull them over and then reach ones own opinion. What I didn't like about Bud's columns was that he was often a name caller and labeled people. If he doesn't like the unkind things people are saying to or about him perhaps he should have stopped doing what he dislikes so much.

For Associate Professor Knight.

I personally know both freespeaker and Holly Koerber Audette. If you think they are one in the same, you are sorely mistaken. You may be vastly educated in your area of expertise, but on this matter you don't have a clue.


Mr. Clarke. You, sir, have the willingness and courage to say what you think and put your name behind it. I applaud you for that. Too many people who disagreed with Mr. Wright did not have that same courage. While I am on the liberal side of moderate, and often agreed with Bud Wright's columns, there were a few times I thought his views neglected a more moderate perspective. I, too, will miss reading his column weekly; however, I fully understand his unwillingness to continue writing his column, using his name and leaving himself open to disparaging comments, hate speech, and even threats. Thank you for your open-mindedness toward those whose political beliefs differ from yours. Too bad more people on both sides of the political spectrum have not acquired that ability. Prof. Linda Knight

Thank you, Prof Knight

The threats he received were enough to drive anyone into silence. I can't fathom that he would want to come back.

I Disagree Completely

While I most certainly agree with the tenets of free speech, I do not agree that Bud Wright's columns should be returned to TDA. I believe I am among the vast majority of TDA readers who were sickened by Wright's diatribes, muckraking and name calling. If Bud Wright ever put forth a cogent argument for his vitriolic statements, it must have been in a column that I missed. I'd like to see TDA put up a poll on Wright's return as a columnist.


That your pseudonym is "solidgranite." So your views and ideas are immovable and inflexible? Given your take on Mr. Wright's column, I'd say that your pseudonym is just about right. Anyone who disagrees with you "sickens" you, and is a "muckrak[er]" who is unable to put forth a "cogent argument" and uses "vitriolic statements," "diatribes," and "name-calling." Yet you say you agree with free speech, while you hide behind your pseudonym, by denigrating anyone who takes another stand. I do, however, have to commend your use of a thesaurus.

MS Knight, a touch of hypocrisy?

Isn't it rather hypocritical of you to denigrate me for my use of a pseudonym while stating that you fully understand Bud Wright's "unwillingness to continue writing his column, using his name and leaving himself open to disparaging comments, hate speech, and even threats"? Has it occurred to you that many of us using pseudonyms have the same concerns you ascribe to Wright: disparaging comments, hate speech, and even threats? You obviously are not a professor of History, or you'd know that many American Patriots used pseudonyms to protect themselves and their families from retribution. It seems like this is a "good for goose, but not for the gander" situation, eh, MS Knight?

You Are Totally Wrong, Mr. Knight

Pseudonyms have been an honored tradition for centuries, especially when the author is faced with self-righteous individuals taking him/her to task for offering a different opinion. Yes, Mr. Wright's articles often sickened me, and I don't think there's any denying his frequent name calling. When has Wright ever put forth a cogent argument to support his vitriol? He may not be incapable, but he certainly has been unwilling to do so. No, I'm not immovable nor inflexible, but that does not mean that I must accept the diatribes of Bud Wright. Then again, perhaps in your world, it does mean that. No differing opinions, eh, Mr. Knight? Your note paints you as the typical "politically correct" type who will not stand for anyone offering a different perspective. Best of luck with that...


Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Judging from your retort to "solidgranite", YOU also are immovable and inflexible. I guess free speech is allowed by you as long as it agrees with your views and ideals. Does being a "prof" make your views any more valid, correct, or concrete? I think not! Just as the saying, "Clothes do not make the man", titles do not make wisdom and intelligence. As for Bud and his column, he's so far out in left field, even the spectators in the cheap seats of the stadium can better see what's going on than he. His little groupie following chiming and chiding have little leverage, ability, or reader support to stir a movement for his return.


I have long taught my students to be open minded in looking at issues. I never claimed my viewpoint to be more valid to anyone other than me; however, I do post under my name, and I avoid name-calling and generalization -- or at least I try. I also do not use a pseudonym, as does our Daily Advance commenter "solidgranite." My comment was in support of the conservative who welcomes the writings of someone from the other side of the issue who happily shared his name. Professor is my professional title, which I struggled to earn. Actually, I am an associate professor, but that still entitles me to use the title. I stated that I did not always agree with Mr. Wright, and I resent being called a "groupie." At my age, 61 if anyone needs to know, I find that my beliefs are more centrist than they were when I protested the draft back in 1970. While, as I said if you bothered to read both of my posts, I am left of center, I have disagreed with Bud Wright's stand, or at least with some of his supporting evidence, in several of his columns. I have responded to a few, but never saw the need to attack him for his views that did not match my own. I also have agreed with some of your columns, and disagreed with others, and I have proudly responded to those with my title and my last name. Prof. Linda Knight


This is funnier than the time you didn’t understand what colloquialism that Bill Lehmann was referring to was about.

I side with Holly and Freespeaker on most all issues but their style in communicating is clearly not the same, maybe even polar opposites.

And again

we have someone without the guts to put his or her name to back a post. I suppose it's easy to call someone out without having to reveal your identity, isn't it?

There's a BIG difference

There's a BIG difference between "freespeaker" and Holly. What makes you think they're one and the same? It is very poor form to try to "out" someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Even worse is to get it wrong! TDA allows anonymous posting. Get over it.

Thank you, casual observer

It's all too evident that the "Prof" isn't as learned as she professes (pun intended) to be! Your sage advice (Get over it), is aptly applied, but unfortunately, stubbornly resisted.


Mr. Clarke - Thank-you very much for your well crafted letter to the editor. I agree 100% with all your comments. With respect - Bill Hiemer

Mr. Clarke

Mr. Clarke, I agree with you. I very much enjoyed his columns. But prepare yourself for the hateful comments. I don't blame him a bit for stepping out . . .

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