Letter: Wright’s columns don’t show best of community

By Charle Newsome

The Daily Advance

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Please, please, please get rid of Bud Wright’s column. This guy adds nothing to any subject he weighs in on. He has no original ideas and is consistently and intentionally insulting and obnoxious. He is nothing more than a ‘yellow dog’ Democrat.

Dear Reader,
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Downside of Bob Steinburg's election

The downside of Bob's election is that we no longer have his columns as a counter-point to Bud Wright's columns.

Bud Wright - a talented writer!

Bud Wright is a prolific writer and is extremely talented. I like and enjoy his columns and implore that the Daily Advance keep him on staff as a columnist. Continue your role Bud and keep your columns coming.

A slobering

love affair.

I may not agree

with your bumper sticker, but I will defend to death your right to stick it. Although I must say, I kind of like the ring to "dump the dude".

Good Example of a Bad Example

Nah, don't get rid of Bud. He's just like all the leftist loons and freeloaders and race hustlers that go up to Raleigh every week. It's good to have them in the headlines. Let the general public see these idiots in action.

I wouldn't have a problem

I wouldn't have a problem with Wright's columns if he would practice what he preaches. Unfortunately, he has been rabid and name-calling in the past and now it is hypocritical for him to step back and say "oh, you're all so mean! Stop being so mean!"

In my opinion most of Bud's

In my opinion most of Bud's columns do not reflect the truth and as much as I despise that kind of writing I also cherish the first amendment and defend his Wright... I mean right to free speech. Let the reader beware.


Mr.Newsome is right. Bud Wright does more harm to area and than good. Just think someone visiting the area on weekend and reads this guys views and wondering what kind of people we have in area.


Mr. Newsome - Maybe you should just avoid reading Mr. Bud Wright's work in TDA. While I do not agree with him on (many) issues, I believe he is a very good writer, with thoughtful takes on both local & national issues. Being able to read, consider and discuss different viewpoints is not only our birthright, but our responsibility! With respect, Mr. Newsome, I hope TDA does NOT "dump this dude". Bill Hiemer


Or maybe the TDA likes that Bud's commentary actualy inspires people to voice their opinions? Every reader has seen the opinion baiting articles (it is good newspaper business). I agree with you Mr Heimer. The TDA publishes articles from both political sides to exclude one would be to narrow our viewpoints.

The above may be true,

but they only censor those on the right. Believe me, I know.

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