Parrish honest, treats all fairly

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I am really disappointed in your newspaper and the way it has tried to discredit District Attorney Frank Parrish and his staff. Mr. James Maxwell, Mr. Parrish’s attorney, hit the nail on the head when he stated the District Attorney’s Office was not acting as an “avenging criminal sword.”

I’ve known Frank Parrish since he first came to Elizabeth City. I have always found him to be responsive and honest in his dealings. He and his staff try to treat everyone in a fair manner. They cannot “avenge” a wrong without sufficient evidence and sufficient evidence is not always available in a court case.

It would be interesting for someone on your staff at The Daily Advance to do a background check on some of those who are calling for the dismissal of Frank Parrish. Oh, Gee! That might call for some real investigative skills. That wouldn’t be half as interesting or sensational as reporting gossip like you usually do.

Frank Parrish and his staff have done a fine job for our community. He and his staff are an asset regardless of how your paper tries to portray them.


Elizabeth City


Frank Parrish-DA

In response to Mr Michael A Pritchard :Apparently you have not had the misfortune of having to go to the DA's office as the victim of a crime. My family and business were victimized over 195 documented times and that does not count the times we called the sheriffs office and could not get a report filed.I had to compell Mr Frank Parrish to do his job.I had to write a 40 page complaint to the State Bar to get him to do his job.In my personal opinion Mr Frank Parrish is not the only elected offical to abuse his position of power and authority in this manner.I had to read the laws that related to my cases.I had to do my own legal research.I provided my own evidence and witnesses and documentation.I endured police harassment and death threats and my cattle were shot as acts of intimidation to get me to stop pushing my cases forward.Mr Parrish who was suppose to be my lawyer opposed me on every front.I read the law and knew the laws and even hired my own private animal rights lawyer(one of the few in the state of NC) and still Mr Frank Parrish was reluctant and did everything he could to prevent my cases from moving forward.He was compelled to follow the law already on the books and when I found a new law called the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act signed by Pres.George W.Bush, he still refused to enforce the law.I am still awaiting a final review from the State Bar and the State Attorney Generals office as of this date,in lieu of these most recent complaints my complaint has been reopened and bumped up the chain of command.I assure you this is just the tip of the iceburg.Mr Parrish is a "nice" man but the charges reported in the newspaper have merit and if they did not Judge Tillet would have and could have dismissed them as part of "the good old boy network".He must have seen some merit in them and thus passed them forward.I hope that these complaints will be FULLY investigated and any and all others that are exposed in the investigation will be researched and charges filed .We need a special prosecutor assigned to look into this matter.I still have all of my supporting documentation and The Daily Advance has alot of it but not all.They say the "Godfather" in the Mafia gave a very misleading outward appearance as a nice man but was corrupt and a criminal.Look beyond the surface and you will see where there is smoke their is normally fire.

Frank Parrish

The first two paragraphs were direct and to the point. Unfortunately, the two concluding paragraphs were sarcastic and off topic...and self-defeating.

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