TDA wrongly blamed Chief Buffaloe for mistake

By Jeannie Young

The Daily Advance

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On June 10, an editorial appeared in The Daily Advance that was highly critical of police Chief Eddie Buffaloe Jr., stating Elizabeth City’s top cop was in need of a “budgeting tutorial.”

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So, whose mistake

is it?

I have worked for local

I have worked for local government (not the City of EC) -- three different times. In each case, as the fiscal year moves on, the finance officer provides monthly printouts to the Manager and Department Heads. These printouts reflect the amount budgeted for each line item (including salaries), the amount expended as of the date of the printout and the percentage of the line item expended. If your fiscal year starts on July 1 and on 1 January, 75 percent of a line item has been expended, the Finance Officer, Manager and the Department Head know that there is a problem. There are two ways to address it - cut hours or find more money. The over expenditure in the salary line item should have been discovered well before June.


Ms. Young - Thank-you for your letter supporting Police Chief Buffaloe. Your final paragraph is 100% accurate! Rather than emphasizing your valid criticism of TDA editorial staff, I would like to suggest that City Manager Olson taking full responsibility for this budget overrun (I was also at that Council meeting) shows what a strong leader he is. He takes responsibility when things go wrong, while praising City staff when things go properly. We should all remember that, after a lengthy search, he hired - with Council's approval - Chief Buffaloe. E.C. is very fortunate to have both men in positions of leadership. Again, thank-you for your letter! Bill Hiemer

TDA still wrong

In spite of the revealing truth that Rich Olson took responsibility for the mistake, TDA refuses to take full responsibility that they were wrong to accuse Chief Buffaloe of wrongdoing and to suggest he needing "budgeting tutorial". TDA was wrong on both counts and still remains so. If there are any tutorial needs, it would be for the whole crew of TDA!

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