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Bud Wright: Apparently only some have free speech rights

The Daily Advance

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A few weeks back I visited the issue of the “Duck Dynasty” flap. You may remember it (the flap, anyway). It all started when “Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson gave an interview to “GQ” magazine.

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Let's all be reminded

that yelling FIRE in a crowded theater is perfectly fine if there is indeed a fire to be alerted to. This type of speech is not just free speech. In that case it is essential to saving lives. It is the dishonest and false intent of yelling FIRE that becomes the problem.

Take your meds Bud.

Take your meds Bud.

I repeat myself

The free speech rights of those who promote a certain lifestyle also belong to those who are standing up and speaking out agenst it. The ones you have mentioned have the same free speech rights as all Americans. The reaction to what is said is another matter. I--for one --would not recommend yelling " FIRE" in a crowded theatre-even though all of us have a free speech right to do so.

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