Bud Wright: The Beatles arrived and nothing, thankfully, has been the same

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I seem to be writing a lot of 50th anniversary columns these days. I’m sure part of it is the increasing tendency one develops to reflect back as the years pile up. But the events of 50 years ago have remained fairly consequential up to the present day.

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This was one of Bud's better editorials

My experience was parallel to Bud's during the event, however I doubt the Beatles had much to do with dividing the states into red and blue. We seemed to have done that all by our lonesomes.

Ed who?

And who, beside me, remembers that Mitzi Gaynor out shined the Beatles on that show? And, for this College boy at the time, looked better doing it!!

You are probably the only one who

remembers Mitzi Gaynor on that show, except of course maybe Mitzi herself. The other acts that night were so eclipsed by the Fab Four that nobody remembers anything about them.



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