Bud Wright: A blizzard misses, cure advances and a janitor succeeds

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I thought I might take a slightly different tack this week. And no, it’s not “write something good for a change.” Cut me some slack.

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Moocher March Attendance

Check today's Raleigh News &.Obama. You might have had a big 15K attendance . Big whoop.


Yeah, how sad is it that only 15 thousand people turned out to complain about the government cuts, primarily to education? Where were the parents whose kids are affected? Where are the grandparents? Where are those of us who have to worry about those who are going to take care of us, provide services for us, etc. if education keeps being put on the back burner! But then again, it was a cold, wet Saturday. This wasn't a Rolling Stones concert or a WWE event, so it didn't generate that much interest. I wasn't there because of one of the viruses that those of us who deal with students had struck me, but the question is why was every other parent, teacher, concerned citizen in the state not there?


WHY do you call it "Moocher March"? Do you even know anyone who participated? There were PLENTY of working people who participated. It's okay. Wallow in your ignorance if that helps you feel better.

It was

CLEARLY more than 15K. I don't think it approached 80K. I think it was likely between 20K and 30K. How many can you gather?

It was

Double post.

I Agree

Thanks for commenting Sparatus

"These were North Carolina

"These were North Carolina citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble in peaceful protest against a laundry list of draconian laws passed during the last legislative session." They were North Carolina citizens supplemented by professional agitators from out of state. The organizers of the protest required participants to carry a photo ID so that they could be positively identified. Ironic, wouldn't you say, since one of the things they were protesting was voter ID requirements? Draconian? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The legislature is a reflection of the majority that they represent. I believe the majority approves of what the legislature has accomplished.


I disagree with your assertion that the majority approves of what the legislature has accomplished. I know many politically conservative teachers who are furious at what is happening. Given my age, most of my public school teaching friends and family members are not in their first 5 years; thus, they are not benefiting from this small raise. Experienced North Carolina teachers make less now than they did in the past, and it's not just the current legislature, but they are not blameless. Take away step increases, longevity, decrease benefits, and I wonder why anyone would enter the teaching profession, even those of us who do it because we really care about education, whether it is respected or not. As a community college educator, I can totally sympathize, with the exception that we have a bit more autonomy in our classrooms. While our students have to achieve certain criteria in order to pass our classes, we're not tied to ludicrous end of grade or end of class standardized tests. The answer to the funding problems in the schools is always cut the electives -- particularly the arts. That is certainly not the way to improve the educational system nor the lives of our students. One would think that the majority of people would want our educational system to improve, not be gutted by vouchers that bleed money from the public system and infuse it into unaccredited private schools that do not require the same level of education from their teachers, only that the teachers profess the same dogma as the organization that "sponsors" the schools. Those who approve of what our legislators have done are often not informed about the consequences in the local schools. Ironically, folks complain about the education our students get, but also complain about paying taxes that support those schools. Perhaps what we need is a reality check. Not trying to disparage anyone, but those who watch reality TV shows like "Duck Dynasty" might believe that being educated is not important as those folks make lots of money. The truth is that they are college educated, intelligent people who fake stupidity and ignorance in order to fit the preconceived notion of what they should be, and celebrate that ignorance as though it is something to which to aspire.

No Photo ID

No photo ID was required at the March.

There were many reports of

There were many reports of this requirement. Here's one of them. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/11/editorial-one-law-for-me-another-for-thee/

There was no "requirement."

I was there. There was no requirement for a photo ID. There was a suggestion that you bring a photo ID, obviously anticipating possible arrests. It's part of the standard instructions for demonstrations. The same document suggested that you wear "very comfortable shoes," "look out for the elderly and young," "eat a balanced meal before the march and drink plenty of water," and "Do not litter on the grounds of the stadium/location or along the march route." Sparatus, you are entitled to your own opinion; you are not entitled to your own facts. Nor is the Washington Times.

or any of the other media

or any of the other media that reported the same requirement. They're all wrong.


the document yourself. It was NOT a requirement; it was a suggestion like staying hydrated. Keep it up. I'm happy for people like you to keep making misrepresentations so others can see you for what you are. I repeat, I was there. No one asked for an ID, checked my shoes or my water supply, or asked what I had eaten that day. As it happens, I did have a photo ID and I was wearing comfortable shoes. But I had not had a balanced meal and was not carrying water. Indeed, I had a soda (go read the list). I did try to keep an eye out for the young and elderly and helped pick up trash after the march. Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

not all were NC citizens.

not all were NC citizens. bused people in from SC and VA.


Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida and a variety of other places. Most of the out-of state crowd were people of faith looking to expand the Movement to their states. I welcomed them, but they were in the minority.

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