Bud Wright: Ferguson, Mo., a microcosm of modern America

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A microcosm of modern America, of sorts, is playing out in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri. It’s an ugly — if all too familiar — story. Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis and its population is overwhelmingly African-American, while the municipal government — including the police department — is overwhelmingly white. The racial tensions inherent in this situation boiled over one week ago with the shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown.

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Food for thought.

When blacks commit crimes, the mainstream media bends over backwards to avoid mentioning the criminals’ race. For example, when flash mobs were breaking out across America committing crimes of violence, looting and vandalism, the MSM refused to report that the perpetrators were black youths. The MSM’s excuse is reporting the race of criminals is unnecessarily provocative. So why does the MSM not apply the same logic and caution in cases where the alleged attacker is white? Remember how quick and eager the MSM was to convict George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion? To push its racist-white-man-shoots-unarmed-angelic-black-boy story line, the MSM referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic”. They flooded TV with photographs of a much younger Trayvon Martin including one of him in his little league football uniform. The MSM did everything in its power to hide the truth that Martin was a 17 year old thug. A major broadcast network even doctored audio to portray Zimmerman as a racist. Obviously, the MSM wanted racial turmoil, division and riots in the streets. The Left’s bible, “Rules for Radials” by Saul Alinsky, says they win by creating chaos. The mainstream media is fully committed to helping Obama implement his socialist/progressive agenda. Promoting the false narrative that America is a racist nation is extremely helpful to Obama’s purpose. The MSM has been complicit in assisting the Democrats’ efforts to exploit Obama’s race to silence opposition to his unprecedented dictatorship. The MSM jumps on every opportunity to further the big lie that blacks are victims of an eternally racist America. The big lie feeds white guilt, making them more receptive to the government redistributing wealth and pandering to minorities. The big lie also inspires blacks to hate successful whites, inspires violence against whites and creates an entitlement mindset in blacks. Whites feeling guilty for being white and blacks feeling resentful and entitled equals more Americans submissive to government controls and likely to vote Democrat. During the Trayvon Martin trial, Leftists were all over TV promoting the big lie that black males are routinely attacked and murdered by whites in America. Their claim is totally absurd. The facts prove quite the opposite. Statistics confirm that blacks kill blacks and black attacks against whites are 39 times more likely than vice versa. Once again, the MSM has successfully ginned up racial hate, division and riots in the streets.


Even after expressing in my previous post that no one individual is responsible or is to be blamed for Michael Brown's death, or Trayvon Martin's death, or the death of Emmit Till's, we still want to comment and point fingers at Al Sharpton, the POTUS, Media, etc., etc. When, just please tell me when is America going to "WAKE UP" from centuries of oppression, centuries of undermining, centuries of being condescending towards one another's intelligence, welfare/well-being, and just plain right to pursuit happiness in this country. WE ARE ALL TO BLAME FOR CHRIST SAKE and if we continue to "sleep walk", "walk among the dead", and project "ill will" towards others who don't look like us, who don't talk like us, who don't act like us, and share our ideals, then what is the point of even arguing, speculating, and blaming anybody. You just look at it for what it is and move on. Yep, "keep it moving folks, there's nothing to see here."

Your original post said the

Your original post said the officer shot Brown "in cold blood". That's inflammatory and baseless. At this point, no one knows exactly what happened during the encounter.

We all have an opinion

If you are responding to my comment, I only have this to say. Just because you stated your opinion, doesn't make it fact, any more than me expressing my opinion makes it fact. I stated at least once in my comment, that what I was saying was MY OPINION. I am entitled to my own opinion. It does not have to match your opinion. Also, if you read what I said, I didn't try to blame any one individual for anything, and I certainly didn't blame anyone for Michael Brown's death. I just commented on those individuals that are in the public domain, those that hold themselves up as examples for the rest of us. For example, Al Sharpton and Mr. Obama. They are both in positions of power and influence. They are both considered leaders and should be held to a higher standard. They should be counted on to promote racial harmony, try to diffuse violent situations, and encourage everyone to think before they act, encourage everyone to wait until the FACTS are determined, and at least give the legal system a chance to work. Instead they both jump on TV at the first hint of scandal and, by their actions and comments, incite more racial discord, violence, and hate. I think this is despicable, especially for someone who calls himself the leader of our nation! I also believe the media should be held accountable for news they report. They show a blatant disregard for the truth, for the safety of those involved, and are a disgrace to their profession! I do agree that for things to get better we all have to work together and take responsibility for our part to make that happen. There is something you might want to think about with regards to taking responsibility for our actions to making this a better world though. In your initial post you stated "the officer who murdered Michael Brown in cold blood". You don't know that. Just because Michael Brown wasn't holding a gun, doesn't mean the officer was not justified in shooting him. He was a criminal. That is a fact. That is not in dispute. If that officer was attacked and felt that his life was in danger, he most certainly did have the right to defend himself, in any manner available to him. We don't know yet what happened. So for you to say the officer murdered someone in cold blood is a direct contradiction to everything else you said afterward. However, that doesn't change the facts of certain people's actions during this tragedy, and they should be held accountable! Again, this is my opinion, and no matter what you think, I have the right, at least for the time being, to my opinion.

Yea, yea, yea spare me the EOHAO rhetoric...

Please spare me the rhetoric of "everyone has an opinion". And the rhetoric that "just because I made a comment doesn't make it fact". It's an attempt to insult my intelligence. I mean, why would I engage in commentary in an editorial if it wasn't simply deemed as an opinion. At any rate, your blame is totally misguided. And, this is why. We learn in 3rd grade why government and legislature exist. We learn about the Judicial branch, the Executive branch, and the Legislative branch that makes laws that protect the people. ALL PEOPLE, I might add but PRIMARILY the minority, the underprivileged, underserved of this country. Now, if you look back over the last 6-10 years, can you honestly say; that the job is being done that these so called elected officials have been elected to do. What laws have been passed in this timeframe that has decreased the cause of someone being shot, killed, hurt, or prevented the poor and disadvantaged from being taken by an advantage for the sake of big business making a buck (profit). You sir, have called out the POTUS and Al Sharpton and you have called them out for words or actions that they have NOT done. And that's probably fair. However, please imagine and please think about the "tip toeing" and the "carefulness of a surgeon" that is required "AFTER THE FACT" of something like this tragedy comes to light. Now I ask you, what and yes, I'm digressing a bit, who over the last 6-10 years as I have mentioned could have possibly said or done something different that could have prevented it. And when I ask this, I'm talking on a National Level, National presence, with our National figures. The people of this country are hurting, suffering, and have been left to fiend for themselves. And, when you are left with feelings of being in survival mood, then things escalate beyond measure. To address my comment regarding "the policeman shot Michael Brown in cold blood". I CONCUR. I probably should not have made that statement because it was spoken out of context; and thus, does in fact take away from what was actually being stated and the meaning behind it. Please accept my apology and that apology goes out to not just the officer involved but all of law enforcement. And although I don't expect everyone to understand the incivility of what is going on in Ferguson, I don't condone it under any circumstances and truly believe that those involved should be punished and held accountable but I DO UNDERSTAND IT.

You say rhetoric, I say free speech! What a surprise!

First of all, I don’t consider the fact that I am exercising my right to express my opinion mere rhetoric! Secondly, I was not attempting to insult your intelligence by pointing out that because you believe something, it is not fact. In making the statements you made, it was obvious that you felt because you had already pointed out to us that no one individual is responsible, we should accept that, and refrain from making comments which reflect negatively on any one person. I was simply letting you know that I do not agree. I don’t believe you do think your view is merely your opinion, but instead, should be accepted without question, by everyone else. Otherwise you would not feel the need to so vehemently attack my right to express mine. I am not a puppy. I will not be led around by the nose, or forced to repress my views simply because you, or anyone else, do not agree with them. For the time being, at least, I still have the freedom to do that! Also, on one hand you say that our government is there to protect ALL people, which I agree with. Our government is supposed to be a democracy, one for the people, of the people, and by the people. The role of the politicians meant to simply carry out the will of the people. Of course, we all know that has not happened in many years. Yet, in the same sentence, you say, our government is there to PRIMARILY protect the minorities and underprivileged. With this, I do not agree. It is a contradiction. I do not think we should get involved in an in-depth discussion of our respective political views, that is not the topic at hand. Also, I am quite sure there are many things, on a national level, as well as state and local levels, that could have been done or said over the last ten or twenty years that may have changed the outcome of what happened. However, you could say that about any event that occurs every day. The least of which, I happen to feel, might have something to do with the values children are being raised with today. We cannot change the past, we can only go forward. As for calling out Al Sharpton and Barack Obama for words they have not spoken, no sir, I have not! Their words are broadcast on national television every day. This is not the first time they have made statements which promote racial discord and made a bad situation worse, and they should be punished in accordance with the laws of our country! Of course, we both know that will never happen. I definitely think those responsible for the riots, lootings, fires, etc. should be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law. I do not know how anyone can understand this type of behavior. I have been poor in my lifetime, sometimes not knowing where my next meal was coming from, however it never entered my mind to attack police officers, riot in the streets, steal, or burn down half the town. There are a lot of poor people in this country and they do not act like this. I believe these criminals are using the sad death of this young man as a convenient excuse to do what they want. Steal, attack the police, burn, and generally cause destruction. You can disagree with my opinions, try to attack my intelligence, do whatever you feel the need to do. I don’t care. But I will say what I believe to be true! One last thing, you addressed me as “you sir”, I am not a “sir”

"Free Speech, Free Speech..."

I'm loving the commentary so far. Friendly discourse is good for the soul. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT, EVEN "FREE SPEECH" HAS CONSEQUENCES. Let me first apologize for assuming (and we both know what that means) that I was addressing a "sir" in my previous commentary. I always try from a user name or user id to ensure to whom and to what (gender)for which I'm directing a response. Often times when I'm unable to discern, I try to leave my commentary generic or (unisex), if you will, as to not offend anyone. This particular case, I didn't do that and i apologize.

Now, if I may, I'm going to first address the Leadership of the POTUS and Al Sharpton since you have mentioned them again. Please share and enlighten me on their speech that has been detrimental to the welfare and well being of the people of this country or speech that has created "discourse" as you have stated. Just something general, not looking for specifics because inquiring minds want to know. NOW, at the same token, you CAN NOT possibly call out these two gentlemen without calling out the entire "top dogs" in the GOP legislature and it's constituents, ala CANTOR, BOEHNER, PERRY, BREWER, not to even mention radio and television personalities such as; Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin. Need I go on. Their speak over the last several years has had more of a negative impact on this society than any one statement that you can lay up against Al Sharpton or the POTUS. And I honestly don't think you can deny that.

Other than "Jim Crow Laws". Tell me what major laws in the last 50-years have passed the legislature that had absolutely nothing to do with the protection of the minority, underpriviledged, underserved of this country. You could even go back to when this country was first born and when the Constitution was first written. It was all done due to being OPPRESSED in some shape form or fashion. Not so much to carry out the will of the people, but our forefathers knew that every body didn't get along with each other and there were factions among them and each of those factions had to be protected in their own right in order to seek "the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Once again, it is the only reason that congress exist today and they all seem to have forgotten why they are elected in the first place. Once elected you become the representative for ALL people, not just the people who actually voted for you. But for some, GOD forsaken reason, that's all we've gotten out of this GOP congress.

No one is advocating changing the past. Nothing we do from this day forward is going to change the past but there is something we can do to change the future and that is what I'm proposing, advocating, and just down right "FIGHTING" for each and every single day. Now, you know why I say; I understand. It is just because of what you stated in your last post.

"I have been poor in my lifetime, sometimes not knowing where my next meal was coming from, however it never entered my mind to attack police officers, riot in the streets, steal, or burn down half the town. There are a lot of poor people in this country and they do not act like this. I believe these criminals are using the sad death of this young man as a convenient excuse to do what they want. Steal, attack the police, burn, and generally cause destruction."

How very, very stereotypical of you to draw on the misconceptions about the people involved in this melee. The bottomline is folks are tired of our young Black men, African-American men being gunned down on the streets with ZERO thought or purpose and they don't care for what the reason. They have grown tired of it and are now doing the only thing they know how to do. "FIGHT FOR THEIR SURVIVAL". They figure it could have been them or the next one will be them. They simply want it to STOP-NO MORE, NO LESS. You would have thought that after the mess in Florida. BUT NOOO. However, it still doesn't make them right no more than your FREEDOM OF SPEECH makes you right as you will "9 times out of 10" bear the consequences each and every time it offends someone.

Agree to Disagree

Enough! This will be my last post on this subject for two reasons; one, you and I are never going to agree, and two, I am sure that everyone is tired of this debate between the two of us, which is solving nothing and going nowhere. Let’s just say that I respect your right to voice your opinion, and hope you will respect my right to voice mine. We should be able to express those opinions and have a “healthy” debate, without resorting to “low blows” and “political tactics”, however, I don’t know any more if that is possible. Not just here, but in any venue in America. I agree that all the people you have named, as well as some that neither of us have named, but could be added to the list, have made statements that have severely deteriorated race relations in this country. Sadly, I believe, they all make whatever statements they make for personal gain, having no consideration for the welfare of others, or the effect they produce on society. My mention of Al Sharpton and Barack Obama specifically, since you asked, is because of the amount of influence the have on the black community, and the perception of many that if one of them says something on national television, it must be true! We both know that is not the case. Barack Obama is the President of our Country, and as such, he must, in public, appear to be completely unbiased. He does not do that. The remarks he made during the Trayvon Martin case were completely unacceptable for the President of the United States. He does not have the luxury of “taking sides”, and any comments from him should be limited to calling for peaceful resolutions, assisting the authorities in their investigations, and waiting to pass judgment until the facts have been released. If he cannot limit himself to those types of remarks, his comment should be “No Comment”. Nothing else is acceptable from our President. Calling the police “stupid”, saying the actions of the police are “wrong”, all of these comments, among others, do nothing but make a bad situation worse, and frankly paint him in the same light as those people that you mentioned, in my opinion. He is the President, he may not like what’s going on, and may do things “behind the scenes” to make changes, but in public, he needs to maintain a higher standard. As for Al Sharpton, I hardly know where to start. He has made a living out of traveling around the country promoting racial hatred and discontent. He cares nothing for the victims or their families, only for the free television time he gets at the expense of their tragedy, and how he can use it to line his pockets. He uses the victim’s families to promote his message of hate at every turn, and if the Reverend Martin Luther King were alive today, he would have nothing to do with a hate monger like Al Sharpton, who does more to tear down racial equality and harmony than he has ever done to build it up. You see, the last paragraph you wrote sums everything up for me, the reason that we will never agree on this subject. You wrote: “How very, very stereotypical of you to draw on the misconceptions about the people involved in this melee. The bottomline is folks are tired of our young Black men, African-American men being gunned down on the streets with ZERO thought or purpose and they don't care for what the reason. They have grown tired of it and are now doing the only thing they know how to do. "FIGHT FOR THEIR SURVIVAL". They figure it could have been them or the next one will be them. They simply want it to STOP-NO MORE, NO LESS. You would have thought that after the mess in Florida. BUT NOOO. However, it still doesn't make them right no more than your FREEDOM OF SPEECH makes you right as you will "9 times out of 10" bear the consequences each and every time it offends someone.” That is EXACTLY my point! From my point of view, the REASON is everything. The difference between right and wrong. If you are tired of young Black men being gunned down in the streets, the first thing you should do is look to other young Black men. If you look at crime statics, Blacks are killings Blacks at a rate that approaches epidemic proportions. I believe the statistics are something like 93% of all blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks. Also, you have to consider the criminal actions of those involved. Can you deny that well over 90% of the young black men being killed in the streets today are involved in criminal activity? How can you say that the reason doesn’t matter? Even though the officer here did not know he was looking at the person who had just committed a strong arm robbery, the call had been broadcast over his radio, including a description of the suspects, as well as the clothing the suspects were wearing. Therefore, it’s a good bet that the officer used the excuse of asking them to get out of the middle of the road just to be able to stop and talk to them to see if he could ascertain whether or not they were the suspects being sought in the robbery. This is a frequent tactic used by police. Unfortunately, Michael Brown knew he was guilty, and attacked the officer. All the evidence so far, supports this. Two independent autopsies have shown that he was not shot in the back, as the witness claimed. I am sorry that this young man chose the path he did and that it led to his death, however, I do believe that the choices he made throughout his life led him to this end. This was not his first robbery, and had things turned out differently, there is no reason to believe, it would have been his last. I know that there are those who would have preferred that the officer not made the decision to defend himself, and then we’d have another dead police officer, and none of us would be having any of these conversations, because none of us would have ever heard one word about anything that happened. It happens every day all over America. Most people have NO IDEA what these officers face every day when they leave home to go to work. And most people don’t care, as long as they’re there when THEY need them. We all make choices in our life. As you pointed out to me, “9 times out of 10 we bear the consequences every time it offends someone”. I’m sure you meant that statement to apply only to me, and others like me, who have the audacity to exercise our freedom of speech, and offend you, and others like you, who “understand” how riots like this can take place. However, I do not “understand”, and I never will. There is no excuse for what these criminals are doing, and make no mistake, in the eyes of the law, everyone of them are criminals. So, I will just say that I hope and pray that there is no more violence over this incident, that nobody else gets hurt, and that the truth, whatever it turns out to be, prevails. I’m sure you won’t believe that, but it is true. I am retired military. I love my country, and loved every day I served, would do it all again if given the opportunity, and it truly hurts me to see our country in the shape it’s in today.

The fact is we don’t know

The fact is we don’t know what happened! I would like to know, however, why the first time I heard this story on the news it was “an unknown number of assailants attacked a police officer and tried to take his weapon. During this confrontation an 18 year old black man was shot and killed. It is not yet clear whether or not the victim was one of the assailants that attacked the police officer. An investigation is being conducted into the incident”; and every time I’ve heard the news since then, until last night, it’s been “a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. It is unclear whether or not the police officer was white or black. A friend who was walking down the street with the victim says they were just walking home from the store, minding their own business, doing nothing wrong, when the police officer pulled up beside them and ordered them off the street, then jumped out of his car and started firing at the victim for no reason. After the victim was on the ground the officer then walked up to him and fired another shot”. The media in this country are irresponsible, criminally negligent, and downright disgusting! (Remember that 80's song "Dirty Laundry"?) They rush to judgment when they have no idea what happened, and air whatever version they think will get the most coverage. I realize there are police officers that are bad people, just like any other segment of society, and this officer may very well be one of them. However, we don’t know that yet, and thanks to the criminals in the neighborhood who thought this was a good excuse to burn, pillage, and generally destroy everything they could, we may never know. How can anyone conduct a proper investigation in the middle of a riot? Maybe that was the point? Also, if the friend of the victim was involved in assaulting the officer, what would anyone expect him to say, that the officer was right, we attacked him and tried to take his weapon? Really??? One other thing, just because a cop might be “bad”, doesn’t mean he’s stupid, Which he most certainly would have to be to jump out of his car, in broad daylight, in the middle of the street, and just start shooting an unarmed man for no reason. At any given time there could be fifty people with cell phones or video cameras recording the entire incident. As we now know, that is definitely NOT what happened, even though we don't yet have the full story of what did. Finally, in my opinion, Al Sharpton, among others, is as responsible for the riots, lootings and fires that are taking place there as the criminals that are committing the acts! What a sorry excuse for a “Reverend”, and I use the term as loosely as possible. Obama, no words can describe how despicable his actions are, as usual. It seems that he does everything he can to incite racial tension and violence, instead of trying to help the situation, as one would expect from our president. As for the reporters who were arrested, a little advice; any time you are approached by police officers in full riot gear and told to stop filming, get up and leave the area now, the correct response would be to LEAVE! The incorrect response would be what you did, keep filming, stand there and start arguing with them! The officers were well within their rights to arrest you, and in my opinion, you got exactly what you deserved! Also, anyone who knowingly walks into an area where there is a riot going on, don’t act so surprised when you get sprayed with tear gas! Does anyone have any common sense any more? (That includes state senators!)

I agree with you. The

I agree with you. The mainstream media are criminally negligent. Every article seems to have a liberal bent whether it be politics, race, whatever. Gloss over and twist the facts to fit the liberal agenda. Rev Al is going down to Ferguson tomorrow. I wonder how much hate and discontent he’ll be able to stir up. What we’ve allowed ourselves to become is very disappointing.

"The more things change...,"

Yea, you know the old saying. "The more things change, the more they remain the same." However, change, none the less is happening before our very eyes and it is unfortunate that it begins/ends in the taking of another young Black American/African-American male's life. NOT Michael Brown, NOT the Policeman that shot him in cold blood are single handedly responsible for the "systemic ills" of this country that are being played out before our very eyes in the news media, social media, and other venues. If WE AS AN ENTIRE NATION BEGINNING FROM THE TOP DOWN, don't start displaying, showing, or demonstrating that WE CAN SEE, UNDERSTAND, and ACCEPT one another and the positions we find ourselves in, then our entire existence is vain. And things that have been occurring for centuries throughout the lives of Blacks/African-Americans since their arrival to this country will forever play out the same as Emmit Till's, Trayvon Martin's, and now Michael Brown's.

More facts

Apparently, the situation in FL is repeating itself in MO. A figure in authority shoots a black male under 'questionable' circumstances and the population riots before all the facts, some of which paint the 'victim' in a less than stellar light, are in. The officer involved had just responded to an 'infant in distress' radio call, and knew nothing of the cigar theft perpetrated, and caught on camera, by the teen. Perhaps medical records of the injuries inflicted on the police officer will be met with skepticism, but remember, the teen was 6'4" and 290#.

I have run 9-1-1 centers.

I have run 9-1-1 centers. When a call of a robbery comes in, the dispatcher gets all the details including a description of the robber. The dispatcher would then put out a BOLO for the robber giving all the details on the police channel. All officers on duty would hear the broadcast. 6 foot 4 inch black male approximately 300 lbs, St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap, white T shirt. Although the officer involved was not assigned the call he had the information. He probably realized who he was dealing with within minutes of telling him to get out of the middle of the road. 6ft 4in, 292lbs - gentle giant??? I think not. I've seen the video, he wasn't "gentle" with that store owner who was a foot shorter and 150lb lighter than him. The liberal media are once again (Think Travon Martin) --- doing their best to paint a picture of an innocent, young, promising future black kid being victimized by a white person. 6ft 4in 292lbs aggressive would be intimidating for anyone, including a police officer ---- let the facts come out (if they're allowed to by our department of justice and the liberal media).

"Not the Policeman that shot

"Not the Policeman that shot him in cold blood" ... If you make that statement - it undermines everything you wrote. How do you know the policeman shot Brown in cold blood?? ...

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