Bud Wright: Having cook fired McCrory’s latest accomplishment

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I have a piece of advice for those of you who might run into North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory during your appointed rounds. And that advice would be: (drum roll, please) keep your opinion to yourself.

Dear Reader,
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Oh he's out there alright

Way out in left field. But he can't help it and I still love him.

"Confuzin' but not amuzin' " (L'il Abner)

Bud's is a poorly reasoned argument. Starts out okay, but quickly goes waay off course. Is it possible Bud is being deliberately obtuse in order to spark controversy and popularize his column? Is it possible he isn't as "out there" as he presents himself?

Bud Wrong strikes again.

The last thing I need is a piece of advice from that published author and Pasquotank resident Bud Wrong.

Seriously, Bud?

The man was fired by his employer-a fact even you admit was appropriate. But somehow, hypocritically you want to then make him a victim and of course, a Republican at fault. It is called courtesy, Bud. Appropriateness. The exercise of free speech comes with responsibility. The analogy with Duck Dynasty is bogus. He didn't act out on the job. He expressed his personal opinion in an appropriate forum and in an appropriate way. Your excuses and constant play for vctimhood are such a sad reflection on who and what we have become.

And your quote stating that

"Governors, like presidents and other public servants, generally travel with a security detail, which is as it should be. They do, after all, put their lives on the line and there are a lot of crazies out there". And who is number 1 on the crazy list? Why none other than you Mr. Wrong. Oops, Wright.

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