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Bud Wright: How does gutting public education with vouchers improve it?

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I have an enormously difficult time understanding the war on education in this country. In North Carolina, this war is an overt thing, very much in the open and very aggressive. The Republican General Assembly has abridged classroom funding, stagnated teachers’ salaries and is in the process of stripping due process from even our most educated, accomplished teachers. It remains to be seen what new horrors the Legislature will visit on our educational system when they reconvene in May, but expectations are low. Republican legislators have teased novice educators with the promise of a slight bump in salary, but have already offered veterans nothing – not even empty promises.

Dear Reader,
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Thank you Educators!

We will be planning a campaign to elect either Judy Krahenbuhl or former State Senator Stan White and Garry Meiggs in November. I will be working with America Votes and other stakeholders to win this election back for us. Senator Bill Cook and Rep Bob Steinburg are not good for us here in northeastern NC and certainly not good for public education. I will Inbox you on Facebook or email you more. Thanks again for your defense of me. I can handle it though. It will not stop me from sharing my perspectives.

Thank you Educators - Tina!

Thank you Tina for your comments and for defending me. I will Inbox you on Facebook with some comments! I do appreciate you defending me.

Give every parent of every

Give every parent of every school age child a "voucher". This "voucher" should be in the amount of Local, State and Federal dollars allocated per student to a school district. The parent of that child can then choose to which school to send their child. It may be a charter school, a private school or a public school. Competition will encourage excellence. Parents, understandably, would want their children to attend the best schools possible. The best schools will expand and attract more students. The mediocre and substandard schools will go away.

Mr. Wright.

I appreciate you articulating some of the opinions for and against vouchers and talking openly about the standing of our schools and parental concerns. It is food for thought. As a parent, I appreciate reading that inspires me to think for myself and digest important issues.

Thank you, Bud.

You have articulated my thoughts. My child goes to private school. My choice, my dollar. I nevertheless support the public schools and believe the voucher program is going to undermine the public schools, and I suspect it was designed to do exactly that.

Great Job Bud Wright!

You are a fantastic writer and a visionary. I applaud this article. Our Republican led General Assembly is intent on destroying public education. I thank you for this editorial. Hopefully, our voters will vote out of office Senator Bill Cook and Rep Bob Steinburg.

Enough said.

For a man who repeatedly claims e represents a bipartisan organization, this is what he repeats over and over."Our Republican led General Assembly is intent on destroying public education". If anyone thinks this represents anything like bipartisanship, you will have to explain it to me. No Republican legislator anywhere should give the NCAE the time of day with this kind of leadership. Making comments like this while telling your members to pay dues so the group can supposedly influence legislation is so disingenuous it makes me cringe.This isn't debating policy. This is a CHARACTERIZATION of INTENT. I am going to repost this statement and my opinion about it every time I see such a post by the NCAE leadership.

Mr. Harris,

While you are teaching Sunday school or reflecting on faith over this Easter holiday, I hope you do some personal reflection about feeling so free to indict public servants with your declarations that characterize their intentions. It is one thing to disagree about policy and to debate specific ideas and disagree, to even claim you believe such policy or idea could "destroy public education" but to be so completely arrogant and pious as to presume to know that is the INTENT of legislators to destroy public education is so out of line in my opinion, I will really struggle to ever respect you again. Your words, Sir, "Our Republican led General Assembly is intent on destroying public education". No wonder this Country is unable to have productive dialogue about ideas.

fairness in media

fairness in media seems to think their opinion and character assassination of Mr. Harris is quite okay but begrudges Mr. Harris the opportunity to have his opinions. A bit of delusion of grandeur going on there in my opinion. Mr. Harris really gets under your skin doesn't he? As an NCAE member I applaud Mr. Harris for taking the time to share his opinions with anyone who chooses to read it. Mr. Harris doesn't dictate my vote or my opinion. As NCAE leadership in Northeast North Carolina Mr. Harris does attempt to share the facts but that is separate from his personal opinions that he shares in print. That said, there are many articles in other states that are sharing the woes of North Carolina and blaming the Legislature for these problems. Why are you not attacking them? You are doing nothing to sway the opinions of people who know Mr. Harris but you are showing your true character. Hiding behind a non name makes it easy for someone to attack others and negates true and open dialogue. Have it as you wish but I refuse to read any more of your posts. Tina Lunt

Ms. Lunt,

You are quite wrong. I have been involved with numerous discussions with Mr. Harris and in fact, they have been very civil conversations. I encourage the exchange of ideas among people with varying views. I never said Mr. Harris should not continue voicing his views-in fact I hope he does. I think the more extreme he has gotten with his broad-brushed, anti-Republican rhetoric the more people see the truth about the NCAE. I simply told him how I feel about the direction his views have gone and that each time he posts, I will remind readers where his starting premise is, that he knows the intent of others and all things Republican are intended to destroy public education, etc. Having people respond is part of the territory when you publish your views. Mr. Harris very freely responds to people and by the way-having you accuse me of character assassination in light of his comment I responded to is amusing at best. You don't think it is character assassination to claim you know that the intent of a large group of people is to destroy public education? Please, your thin skin and hypocrisy is unattractive. As to why I don't "attack" others? You have no idea to whom I am responding. As to anonymity, it is a time honored first amendment protection that Mr. Harris and you, by the way, have chosen to participate in until you CHOSE not to. As to whether you chose to read my posts, that again is your choice and I can promise you, it will absolutely do nothing to dissuade me from expressing my views as the rules here allow.

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