Bud Wright: Lawmakers deceive, confuse, lie about teacher ‘raise’

The Daily Advance

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Editor’s note: Saturday, Aug. 9 we welcome back Bud Wright, who after a short absence, resumes his column-writing for The Daily Advance.

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Yes Welcome

Words are what we read that come from the thoughts and in the free marketplace of opinion there are many views.


You made an excellent point. Sometimes it is good for all of us to take a look at the other perspective.


Welcome back, Mr. Bud Wright, to both the print & on-line editions of TDA. While I often do not agree with your comments, you are a talented writer who often makes me re-consider my views. I thank-you for that! Bill Hiemer


Welcome back, Bud!

Glad to see

our published author columnist is finally back on line. It originally looked like the Daily Advance was discriminating against him.

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