Bud Wright: Madness of gun violence continues at steady clip

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Question: How can you tell the difference between an open-carry advocate who is demonstrating his right to bear arms by brandishing an AK47 at a “Target” and a nut job who simply intends to plug you?

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Birdsof a feather?!!

Are you kidding me? You have lost it Bud if you really think that peaceful people who love this country and abor violence of any kind condone that insanity. The Tea Party folk that I know want the best for everyone and are fed up with the out of control spending that is bankrupting America--and by the way that effects all of us---GOP, Democrat, conservative and ( gasp)liberal.

I'd like to see

I'd like to see the US adopt Switzerland's gun regulations . . . Nice to see you holding them up as a good example.

How's strict gun control working out in Chicago?

Maybe Mayor Rahm can fill us in about their success. How's the opposite working in Switzerland? Right nicely from what I understand.

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