Bud Wright: Republican takeover of everything the story of 2013

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Gather around, kids, because it’s time — once again — for our annual roundup of the year’s most head-scratching stories.

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Well, well look who is the one now treating people like childern. By your own words you reveal the fallacy of your writing Mr wright. You malign the GOP, you constantly put down conservatives--calling them "neocons" and worse, and I do not have the space here to tell of all you spewed about the folks at foxnews. Rebublicans controlling "everything"? oh yeah--espsially the news and newspapers right? Oh and how is abortion acually "safe" to the baby?

Here is the pro-choice logic of abortion

If I found a purse on my property and it contained the life savings of a little old lady would anyone argue that since I found it on my property I have the option (choice) to keep it? Probably none of you would say that option was morally and ethically correct and all would probably condemn me for even suggesting that I had a choice, but that is precisely what pro-choice advocates are doing with live human beings, except that one of the choices they advocate terminates a human life, a much more critical situation than dealing with somebody's life savings. Think about it.

I don't know if anyone understands this but

whenever Bud maligns the conservatives in government, he also maligns the voters that voted for them.

Really, now.......

By the way, it is Bob Steinburg according to his mail. When Bob was elected there were barely enough voters registered as Republicans to fill a tour bus. How was he elected? Many Democrats with some common sense woke up, most independents came around to face the facts, and the tour bus of Republican voters got up off their duffs and voted. There you have it. As the old line Democrats were fond of singing, "Happy days are here again......."

'Abortion as safe and legal act'

Mr. Wright, can you please list for me another 'legal and safe' medical operation that guarantees the death of a person? The most ironic thing about the election of Republicans to the majority in NC governance is how Dems are weeping an gnashing their teeth over the 'state of the state' which is, in fact, a result of their control for the past 'hundred plus' years.


Actually Bud's headline says it all. The citizens of the Great State of North Carolina elected a new government in Raleigh. After the Democraps have run the state practically into bankruptcy with their tax and more tax and then give it away plan, we finally have a government that has said "enough". No more unencumbered giveaways. Help the folks that need help but cut of the malingerers. Cut off the ones whose way of life is simply on the dole. Education in the state of North Carolina is in complete disarray. Teachers that have no business in a classroom but have managed to stay long enough to get tenure, will now have to actually show that they are qualified to be there. The ability to get a masters degree does not make a better teacher, so why should the pay increase when you get a masters degree. If a nurse goes back to school and is certified to be an anesthesiologist but still works as a nurse, does he/she get more pay...NO! If a carpenter goes to school and qualifies to be a General Contractor but still works as a carpenter get more pay...NO! Its the same principal. If you want more pay the use then longevity path or go back and qualify to be a Principal and take that path. Teachers pay is always compared to what they pay in other states. No one compares the cost of living and the taxes paid in those same states. Teachers do well in North Carolina and I should know, my sister was one, my daughter-in-law is one and I have been married to one for 37 years.

Fact is wrong.

Actually, your examples are not accurate because you have your nurse and contractor going to school for jobs outside of their current career. A more accurate Fact: A nurse who returns for additional schooling/training in cardiology will in fact earn more money as a cardiac nurse. A carpenter that acquires additional schooling/training in finish work will earn more money as a finish carpenter than a basic carpenter. In both cases they acquired training in their chosen field and returned to their field with more advanced skills. So an argument could be made that master degrees must be in Education or in the subject taught to qualify a person for additional pay but not that further training doesn't enhance the earnings in other occupational fields.. As to your blanket statements about education and your family members that are working as teachers. You must not listen to them if you think teachers are doing well.

apples to oranges

Both of your examples were persons moving to a different job. My references were the teachers returning to the same job, just receiving more pay for no reason. Getting your masters does not make you a better teacher.


No, my examples were of people moving to a more specialized area BUT within the same profession. ie a nurse/cardiac nurse and a carpenter/finish carpenter. And you are right...getting your masters doesn't make you a better teacher. BUT it does show your desire to learn more in your field, your dedication to your job, your effort to improve yourself, etc. Face it, NO EDUCATION OR TRAINING guarantees that you are better in any field. Not the GP doctor that becomes a cardiologist; not the electrician that studies and becomes a master electrician. Do you devalue an auto mechanic because your car breaks down after he changed the oil; how about devaluing the policeman because he doesn't eliminate crime, or the doctor whose patient dies of a heart attack. BUT you want to hold a teacher totally responsible for what a child learns disregarding all the attributes the child, the home environment, the poverty issues and more that the teacher has absolutely no control over. The current proposed methods to evaluate a teacher does this. Jumping on the republican bandwagon to do nothing but criticize teachers is not productive on the local level. Because you are then criticizing your neighbors, friends, family members. AND they will hold you accountable for your words. Somehow, I just don't believe that you have those family members working as teachers.


The teachers do not move on to specialized jobs, they go back to their same job, so your examples are still wrong. There are teachers who have gotten their masters before they ever started teaching, solely to get more pay. My wife taught for 30 years before retiring this year. My Daughter-in-Law is in her 11th year, and my sister taught back in the 60's before moving to a better job. Where else can you get your summers off, every imaginable holiday off, numerous teacher workdays where if you have leave you don't even have to show up and after 4 years with tenure it takes an act of congress to get rid of bad teachers. Its time to take a stand. Its time to stop crying, the economy is in the tank, you can't expect salary increases when other people are just looking for work. Be thankful you have a job.

Hey, Bud!

You've got my vote for 2013 "Very Special Kind of Stupid Award". No one else was even close as a contender.

C'mon Bud

"Steinburg" not "Steinberg." Does anyone edit these columns?


I have often wondered the same thing.


As an attempt to disguise his true identity, Bob Steinburg when employing his pen name, "Albemarle Conservative" spells it Steinberg also. Either way you spell it, he is an embarrassment to our area. The Republicans want to rub their new found power in the face of the northeast and anything "Basnight". Their arrogance and over-reach will continue so long as good Republicans allow them to bully and intimidate them.

Miss his column

Bob has no reason to hide his identity when he writes; he wrote excellent columns for TDA, which were great counter-points to Bud wright.

Hopefully this time next year

Hopefully this time next year Bud can write about how those mean old Republicans took over the U.S. Senate and increased its majority in the house.

Too bad he doesn't write Nationally

Because then he could ignore all of Obama's mistakes, too!

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