Bud Wright: Slipperiest Show on Earth wreaking havoc in Raleigh

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Hurry, hurry, hurry, folks, the circus is back in town. Otherwise known as “The Slipperiest Show on Earth,” or the North Carolina Legislature, it’s returned in all its three-ring glory. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the show. It is reportedly a “short” session, but our brave boys and girls in red are doing everything they can to squeeze every last drop of the milk of human kindness out of it. Pay special attention to the clowns, folks, as they’re actually running the show. There are many wonders to behold under the big top.

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never did, never will make sense.

Strange how Party affiliation

Strange how Party affiliation always struggles up through all of the mud and crud that they create. The Party is the only thing; the hell with commonsense.


Bud finally makes sense

The real circus is right here in E. City.

The head clown is Bud Wrong, who is so cute writing the drivel in this column. Please pass the cheeseburgers and Kool-Aid.


When you cannot dispute an article that "tells it like it is' then just resort to BULLYING by altering the author's name to make fun of him. You were cute writing drivel too: "please pass the cheeseburgers and Kool-Aid"."

One watchdog organization

One watchdog organization working to ban fracking is Food and Water Watch (foodandwaterwatch.org.). Everyone who drinks water needs to become educated on this issue.

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