Bud Wright: Vast income disparity in US recipe for disaster

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Tom Perkins is mad. You might say he’s “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” What’s Tom mad about? Well, Mr. Perkins is a billionaire and he feels as if he’s being picked on. Actually, that’s rather understating the case. To be totally candid about it he feel like he’s being persecuted and all of us non-billionaires are the equivalent of the Nazis while he (and the rest of the wealthiest 1 percent) are the equivalent of the Jews that were rounded up and either killed or thrown into concentration camps during the infamous Kristallnacht. He actually used this historical reference in an open letter to the Wall Street Journal complaining of his treatment by the great unwashed. Kristallnacht, incidentally, was a pogrom which took place over all of Germany and most of Austria over a two-day period in November 1938. On this horrendous night, over 1,000 synagogues and 10,000 Jewish businesses were either burned or sacked. An unknown number of Jews were killed and as many as 500,000 were imprisoned. Kristallnacht means “night of glass,” and was so named because of the enormous amount of broken glass left in the wake of the destruction.

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It was wrong...

For Mr perkins to do that..The Holocaust will always be a horrible chapter in history. I also think that it is very wrong to disparge a peaceful group like the Tea Party by saying they are like those who are violent--or--calling Christians "bigots" just because they are agenst a certain lifestyle. As far as Rome is concerned it was an empire. The last time I checked America was a Constitutional Republic run by "We the People" not "I" the emperor as it was in Rome.Rome taxed it's people to the hilt, percecuted Christians severely, and it was hard to change things. Here, anyone can make it if they work hard --in spite of all the scrooges and "robber barons". It is called free enterprise --we can also VOTE!!and it is the reason there is still hope.

Speaking of inequality

Why not give equal time to George Soros? BTW Krugman also put out a column on Perkins. Whoever said liberals aren't organized?

Good Point Twinstar

But do not hold your breath.


In a post by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship dated today, 1/31/2014, in the Huffington Post, they state that "Kristallnacht" meant "night of broken glass." I think their estimates of Jews murdered that night, and sent to concentration camps is more in line with the true circumstances. But maybe they were plagiarizing your column Bud. Some timing, huh? Talking about that evil billionaire Perkins same day your column basically regurgitates theirs.


Oxfam is anti-Israel and pro-Palestine, that's all I really need to know about them...

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