Bud Wright: Want to honor troops? Bring them all home

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So, Monday is Memorial Day. We’re all vaguely aware of it, of course. If for no other reason than it’s a three-day weekend. We love those. Many of us will cook out. I’m cooking ribs. It’s tradition. Others will be cooking burgers and such. Some of us will travel. It’s a good weekend for it, even if the price of gas is up. The rest of us will gather with friends and family. It’s a nice, low-key holiday. It’s one not fraught with excess frills and high expectations. There are no gifts to buy, no drunk uncles to cross ideological swords with. There are no crowds to fight (unless you’re enroute to the beach), no candy to purchase. Heck the greeting card companies haven’t even found a way to mine it for schmaltzy, blank verse gold — yet.

Dear Reader,
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Wait a minute

I thought the President was going to bring them home already. He's already made the announcement to the enemy. The way liberals are talking you'd think Bush was still in office.


The Taliban is --even now--waiting to fill the void.

Thanks Bud!

Your logic an reasoning is timely. It's time to stop policing other countries. The U.S. spends more on it's military than all other countries combined. If I am not wrong, did not we begin to go into a recession after spending so much other Iraq conflict? You are an excellent writer.


I do agree the elimination of our military draft has created a "warrior class" (well said!). A mistake. Nothing wrong with 2 years of mandatory service for every healthy young person. Either military. Or a non-profit. Maybe helping care for our Vets. Get some skin in the game. However, Mr. Wright, do not agree that we have forgotten those who served in Korea and/or Vietnam. Maybe a generational thing. Finally, while I do believe the tragedy of 9-11 demanded we retaliate - as it turns out - in Afghanistan, the Irag war - also initiated by "my party" - was a huge mistake. Thank-you for your thoughtful piece. Bill Hiemer

Two years of military service for every...

elected official who never served would be a good thing too. Deployed to every place the bullets fly. This would pretty much eliminate any ambiguities about veterans' care.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Amen. Amen.

And use the money to give them the care they need and deserve.

Bring the troops home

Well dang, I finally agree with you . Bring them home. Six months after they leave, the place will be the same as it was before. Quit killing our guys and girls for nothing.

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