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Bud Wright: We can stop the Cult of Mean — if we want to

By Bud Wright

The Daily Advance

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I have had some remarkable things said both to and about me over my column on guns in the U.S. Some of it — pleasantly — was quite affirming, while some of it was astonishingly venomous.

Dear Reader,
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"Cult of Mean"???

Go stand in front of a big, fat mirror Bud. Yours is one of the most hateful columns, local or national, I've ever read.


I totally agree.

Also--Birds of a Feather?

Mr Wright is in a very sad condition indeed if he really believes that good people who abor any type of violence condone that insanity. The Tea Party folk that i know truly love this country AND its people--they want the best for everyone and are fed up with the out of control spending that effects us all. That includes all Democrats and Republicans--Conservitives and ( gasp) liberals.

This conservative

Tries to vote for the person whos views I usually agree with. I have voted for several black candidates from Herman Cain for president to JC Cole for judge as I liked their track records. However I did and do not think Mr. Obama would be the best one to advance our country. Now for 2016 I am praying that the good Doctor (a blank man) will consider running for the Republican nomination and at which point this white former somewhat liberal democrat will be out on the street doing my best to help him to become the leader of our great country and move us forward and up and in doing so return our status as the leader of the free world.

This white conservative Republican

would like to join with you in support of that black man in 2016.

The left

Home of division and hatred


Abacab - And the right is home to unity & love? There is plenty of "division & hatred" on both sides of the aisle. Mr. Bud Wright & I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but his overall point is correct. Respect for the opposition & compromise are not dirty words. In the long run, united we will stand, divided, we will fall. Bill Hiemer


You give up yours, not mine, that is how the left compromises and my side gives in every time and then get called names. You go ahead.

Thanks , but .....

Thanks, Abacab, but I do not need your permission to do anything! If you really think "your" side (it's my side also, by the way) "gives in every time" than we fundamentally disagree. Elections have consequences. And, there is plenty of name calling to go around. Neither the left nor the right currently can claim the high ground as far as conduct, results, or national platform. I'm an old timer, and it hurts to see how our Country is so polarized, we cannot make progress on any substantive issues. If you feel it is all the left's fault, I certainly will not change your mind. You may be correct. However, I for one, feel there is plenty of blame to go around! Bill Hiemer


I do understand your point, my point is our side gives in on every issue and still gets called names and blamed for everything. you need go no further than the columns we all read on this page. Thanks,


Abacab - I certainly understand - and share - your frustrations ... let's hope (and pray) for new leadership in 2016 that will unite our Country and get us ALL moving forward together, as Americans. Regards, Bill Hiemer

Too true!

I enjoy discussion of politics, and am proud to count among my dearest friends people from both sides of the political spectrum. However, I have found that too many people get viciously protective of their stand and close their minds to other views. The logical fallacy of 'ad hominem,' attacking the person instead of addressing the issue, is all too often used when people's beliefs are challenged. This has become not only tolerated but accepted in too many circles.

WELL SAID, prof knight

prof knight - Your comment is so true ...cable "news" networks are a perfect example, and, unfortunately, have legions of lemmings ... on a national level, makes moving forward on meaningful issues almost impossible, as any attempted compromise is berated ... thank-you for - in one paragraph - painting the political landscape that is our Country today! Bill Hiemer

This is amazing!

One of the things I dislike the most about this columnist's writing is scorched earth dialogue involved in his column. Name-calling and characterizations of persons he philosophically opposes. I will have to go back through and post some of his caricatures of people. As to all of this beginning with the election of the current President. As much as Mr. Wright likes to proclaim many as racist because they do not agree with this President, it is in fact because he is a liberal-not because he is black I would argue he is opposed for the most part. Just, I may add as liberals villainized President Reagan and of course, more recently, Bush. As a Conservative, I can assure you I have many, many liberal friends. Politics is not in any way critical to our relationships. I can however tell you that several people I considered friends who are liberal have demonstrated in real ways they cannot tolerate our political differences. If Mr. Wright wanted to appear genuinely concerned about this trend among us, he could have easily found examples from both extremes to demonstrate his point.

Hear. Hear.

How ironic Bud Wright,(have I spelled it correctly this time?), writes a column about the meanness of those who don't agree with his far left political philosophy. It's interesting to note that he considers this a one way (his way) street. Has not civil discourse suffered gravely over the years on both sides of the street in politics as well as in the public arena in general?

Until people

are willing to accept facts that don't fit with ideology, we are lost.

Unless the media

report the facts, we will always be lost.

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