Bud Wright: Without Internet, we might have to gossip face to face

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I really like to surf the Internet. It’s a highly enjoyable pastime. But more than enjoyable, it’s informative at times.

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You actually

Believe Bud that Franklin Graham is like Putin? If you really believe that Graham is "bloodthirsty" then you are in a very sad condition indeed. I am just glad that discerning readers can see right thru such toxic fog. Right now Mr Wright there are many who are agenst smoking--are all these people being "bigotry" toward smokers or practicing "discrimination" with no smoking areas? What about AA? I ask the same questions--care to answer?

Limbaugh's Remark

Bud if you had been listening you'd realize that he was joking. He is allowed to make jokes on his program, which is syndicated on 600+ US radio stations. Try exploring farther than what you read on HuffPo.


Trimman, You're just trying to create a diversion from the actual issue that Franklin Graham advocates persecution of those who do not believe as he does. Not a very Christian attitude, but one he has long held toward other groups as well.


Franklin does not. He never said that those who disagree with him should be persecuted. Furthermore, I can quote a few zingers from people who hate Conservatives and Christians but I doupt the Daily Advance would print them.

No, Actually . . .

Franklin Graham obviously believes in persecution of the LGBT community. He has also made similar comments about those who follow religions other than Christianity, particularly the followers of Islam. I would say that those folks disagree with Rev. F. Graham; therefore, he does advocate persecution of those who disagree with him. He is not acting in a way that I was taught Christians should behave.


It would seem that if Bud is so adept at using the Internet, and since he obviously doesn't have a clue, he would have simply Googled "Billy Graham" and discovered that he is not and never has been a Pentecostal evangelist. He is an American evangelical Christian evangelist, ordained as a Southern Baptist minister. The truth is Bud probably does not know the difference.

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