Eugene Robinson: Botched execution shows there is no humane way to die

By Eugene Robinson

Syndicated columnist

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WASHINGTON — No one who supports the death penalty should have the slightest problem with the way Clayton Lockett died.

Dear Reader,
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Capital Punishment Justice

So when one is killed in war is that murder? If one is killed when trying to break in someone's home and do bodily harm to them and/or their child is that murder? There is no one who does not realize that in war there are innocent lives lost. There should be every effort made to avoid the loss of innocent lives. When one commits a crime you run the risk of losing your life being where you should not be and doing what you should not do. When you break the law, you are subject to the consequences of your own actions. It's not what someone is doing to you, it's what you've done to yourself. As you described the suffering of the convict, I visualized the suffering of the victim, who had NO choice in the matter. My sympathies lie with them and their family. Death penalty is not about hate, unforgiveness or retribution, it's suffering the consequences of your own actions. There is "a time to kill".

You are so...


And Pontius Pilate, Cotton Mather, Vlad the Impaler, Pope Gregory IX, and Rick Perry agree with you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Mr. Robinson - Please do not assume that I was ashamed of the way he died or looked away! Bill Hiemer

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