October 24, 2016

The author of a recent letter to the editor is trying to replace science with fear. Studies on bat and bird mortality associated with wind turbines have been conducted and mitigation measures developed. One fear is that low-frequency sounds will confuse bats. Bats, however, use ultra-high frequency…

October 24, 2016

Jean Baker has given many years of service on our city council in Elizabeth City. I am sure at times it has been a burden and something she’s done without thanks from many of those she served.

At a council meeting in early 2005, I let my frustrations boil over and I made comments to her that…

October 24, 2016

Even before voting began last week, headlines warned about rigged elections and voter intimidation. It can feel overwhelming and may even discourage some people from participating in this historic election.

Do not fear. At Democracy North Carolina, we believe solid information will help you…

October 24, 2016

There must be a revival of sorts going on in this country. I have been inundated with liberals expressing concern about me informing my participation in governing by my faith principles.

The truth is, many liberals really do not entirely object to public expressions or consideration of faith in…

October 23, 2016

Donald Trump has said many irresponsible and dangerous things over the course of this long and bitterly fought presidential campaign that, thankfully, is now less than three weeks from being over.

His bigoted talk of deporting all Mexicans living and working in this country and banning all Muslims…

October 23, 2016

Real Christians are spiritually prompted by prayerfully considering the election at hand, and using this means, are prompted to support the one candidate, albeit not ideal, but certainly the lesser of the two evils.

To the spiritually blinded liberal left, Trump appears to them as…

October 23, 2016

Our Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, only sexually assaults very beautiful women. How unfortunate for beautiful women. But so fortunate for 90 percent of us women who are too unattractive to draw his attention.

Ann Bechiom

Elizabeth City

October 23, 2016

I am amazed at the numerous mailers the campaign of Sen. Bill Cook has sent out to distort the truth about state Senate candidate Brownie Futrell.

I have known Brownie for over 10 years. We first met serving on the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Authority which has funded numerous projects in…

October 22, 2016

Would you pay an extra penny for a $4 Big Mac if you could guarantee that every student in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County school system could access a computer in the classroom?

That's the impact of a one-quarter of one percent increase in the sales tax proposed on the ballot…

October 21, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has told us more than once that if he is elected president in November, he’ll build a very, very high wall that’s impenetrable — except if you have a strong rope — on the Mexican border.

Oh great! I bet the Mexicans are…

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