Hezekiah Brown: Legislating fairness easy, legislating fair-mindedness isn’t

By Hezekiah Brown

The Daily Advance

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In the past 50 years, the entire world has experienced an enormous amount of positive change through medical and advanced technology that has been beneficial to individuals, private industry and the U.S. government.

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The Truth?

The writer states this about President Obama, "because this president has faced more adversity than any other president in the history of our country". He would have us believe the current President has faced more adversity than President Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and the list goes on. The writer is typical of the liberals, telling use how people must be born of prejudice, because they disagree with me. The writer should spend more time trying to bring the community together than divide it by color.

To Far Left

Please editors stop putting this guy's racial views in the paper. He does more to hurt the people of Pasquotank County. Most people get along just fine in the area, it's just people like him that living in 1860's that create problems.

Mixing truth and politics

Mr Brown shares several truths regarding discrimination; however, he sullies those assertions by mixing the sophomoric and tired jargon of the political left that equates opposition to President Obama with racism. Mr. Brown writes, "That kind of thinking is antiquated and vastly exaggerated because this president has faced more adversity than any other president in the history of our country." This statement rejects any other motive for this opposition other than Pres. Obama's race. This type of argument is either delusional or intentionally deceptive. This kind of thinking among liberals is common and accepted as fact in their circles, but when it comes out into the real world it is easily debunked and undermined by reality. A simple discussion of policy and values proves many reasons for opposition to the President rather than his race. It is a shame that folks like Mr. Brown cling to this fallacy that opposition to Mr. Obama equals racism. We need voices for truth and tolerance that are unbound to political parties and void of blind loyalty to any politician. I appreciate that Mr. Brown mentions the worldwide scope of discrimination. Today in several countries, Christians are persecuted and oppressed for their faith. Christians in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia and Communist Countries will celebrate the birth of Christ this year under threat. Christians in Southern Sudan are today under threat by mostly Islamic militants from the North. In many of these countries, women face severe discrimination and often abuse. Regardless of our color or political persuasion, we in this country enjoy freedom. I hope we use it to help those who are truly oppressed and persecuted around the world.


Especially this: "Children are not born prejudiced or disliking others who are different. They are taught through tradition, culture, and so-called family values to dislike others who are different, and this prejudicial thinking is passed on similar to “rites of passage” from generation to generation." It has stopped with me. Thank you.

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