Hezekiah Brown: Why reward rich, foreign nations but punish vulnerable?

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It saddens me that some politicians, both at the federal and state levels, have declared war on other Americans, the middle class and the poor. As we have witnessed over the past two decades, the cost of food, clothing, college tuition, gas prices, transportation, taxes and other essentials has risen at an unbearable and unaffordable rate while wages have remained somewhat stagnant. In addition, there are 40 million women and 28 million children living in poverty in America.

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Barak Huissan Obama

He treats illegals better than our veterans; DISGRACEFUL!

Thank You Mr.Brown!

As fejohn said, "Thanks again Mr. Brown for speaking for those without voices! I believe the middle class is being dismantled.


The rich for the most save their money and pass on the wealth to their children, etc!! It is the middle class and the lower classes that do most of the "day to day" spending. I believe in hard work but I get sick of hearing how the poor and minorities are responsible for most of the problems in this country. Thanks again mr Brown for speaking for those without voices!!!!!

Another view

While I agree with a couple of points Mr. Brown makes, specifically about demeaning those who serve our country and the resistance to minimum wage increases by congress. This is where the agreement stops. The rich in this country is the only thing keeping the nation's economy going. Those "rich people" own large industries and generate millions of jobs through them. This nation's welfare system was a disaster from it's start in the 60's. It's only accomplishment is the creation of an entitlement culture that has no intention of achieving any more than producing offspring that further burdens the system and the working taxpayers of this nation. Since Obama took office, the economy has been in a nosedive, with only recent very, very meager gains, military budgets have been slashed, his "health care" program is unaffordable for most,and corruption is rampant in Washington, DC. All the while, billions are being spent on foreign aid, while the budgets of VA, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other programs that benefit hard working U.S. citizens are being slashed and left to die on the vine. I did not not fully agree with the action North Carolina took regarding unemployment, but at the same time agree that NC was riding a runaway freight train at the time and a hard line had to be taken. America IS a land of opportunity,with those achievers taking advantage of a HAND-UP, but the milk and honey comes through hard work, not setting on one's duff waiting for a HAND-OUT! EVERYONE in America has an opportunity to succeed. Whether they succeed or fail in their life is up to them. Life is what you make it.

Speaking For The Majority

You speak for most of us and all of us need to be speaking. Thanks for verbalizing what I believe most Americans agree, is the truth. Evil prevails when good men stand around and do nothing. Mr. Brown, please, keep working for the good of us all, speaking the truth and taking a stand for those who do not have the means or ability to so beautifully articulate what you have shared in this article. Thank you and you are not alone, many of us are saddened by the plight of the poor and middle class (tax-paying Americans), but we can make a difference.

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