Holly Koerber: Changing status quo will not destroy public education

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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The impact of schools in an area is profound. It influences where someone chooses to live, open a business or accept a job. Decisions about schools impact every area of our daily quality of life: the quality of our roads, recreational facilities, medical services, infrastructure, food options, retail venues and more.

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So Much In This Rings True

Thank you Holly, for writing a well-crafted and insightful piece that covers a multitude of concepts and principles so well. I can only hope that people will read this and truly understand it.

In particular, I would note your statement - "It’s been my experience that people who argue it is us versus them and choose division as a tactic aren’t very likely to have the actual goal of progress for all at heart."

We have been seeing this go on for some time to the detriment of our political, business and education processes and economic progress. Whether it was the good ole boys of yesteryear or the indignant for indignations sake mob crying entitlement, for too long we have been held hostage by "the very factions whose motive is to keep the status quo for self-preservation".

It is time for the good people of this city to take on these bullies and panderers. As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win is for enough good men to do nothing."

Standup citizens of Elizabeth City and take back your city. Do not leave your future in the hands of the self-serving and selfish who hide behind false self-righteousness.

Speak up and speak out. Organize yourselves. Hit them with the facts. Rebut their lies and half-truths. Make them define their real vision if they even have one. Do not fear their threats and intimidation. Do not let them shout you down. Demand that the truth be printed in full. You have the power to make change. Use it.

Well written

This was a well written article. The question of whether a school system, as with any other large business, performs well depends on many details. Those details will not be dealt with until we can have honest and open discussion of all aspects of the business. There are some very good and very bad parts of every business, as there are in the local schools. I also agree with KZ's implication of doubt that more total dollars are needed to run a much improved school system. The attitude that more total dollars spent = higher quality schools is ridiculous. Honest discussion followed by changes in many details are needed.

I am not sure putting more money in education

is the answer but, if the demand to spend more is succumbed to, then it absolutely should be spent on classroom functions only. Yes, it takes all departments of a school system to operate but when it comes to spending more tax money it should be about student learning only. I am firmly convinced, no politician can truly be trusted. Every time there is one who I believe will surely stand on principle and not cave to the educational elite, I am sadly disappointed.

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