Holly Koerber: Longing for a council that looks beyond color

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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The year is 2014. Fifty-plus years after the legal battles that demanded persons no longer be disadvantaged or advantaged by the color of one’s skin. After the noble cry that content of character should be what one was judged for, not color of skin.

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Thank You, Holly!

I, too, am dismayed and sickened by the constant playing of the "race card" by certain members of our City Council. I'm also stunned that Mr. King thinks its the Mayor's duty to enhance a black middle class! When our Mayor investigated the possibility of a STEM school for aviation mechanics, training that would lead to good jobs, decent pay, and entry to a middle class lifestyle for many of our community's youth (including all races), the Mayor was accused and vilified. Apparently nothing will satisfy the reverse racists within our city.

I couldn't agree more. I

I couldn't agree more. I would hope Mr. Brooks and his minions would ponder - what has been achieved over the years with the constant bickering, racist attacks and confrontation - nothing - other than cause countless hours (and dollars) being spent unnecessarily at the expense of positive gains and moving the city forward. Do Mr. Brooks constituents not care? Apparently not. They continue to re-elect him despite his antagonistic attitude. What a shame.

Holly is so right (as usual).

It truly would be a day of rejoicing if we could all operate with color blindness towards skin. The sins of the past are going to stop that from happening though. The first thing that has to happen is for people to learn forgiveness. Until that is accomplished God's law will govern, the perpetuation of sin in the form of hate will continue. We will just have to take heart in the fact that there are those like Holly who will speak out the truth so at least those like me who hate racism will feel a little comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our desire for unity among people.


Ms. Koerber - Thank-you & AMEN ! Bill Hiemer

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