Holly Koerber: Memorial Day a time to reflect on our freedoms

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. A chance to reflect on how many gave their life literally, so we can be free.

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I Will Support and Vote for Nancy Lamb!

As for me, while I do respect Holly Koerber's opinion, I have made my decision to support and vote for Nancy Lamb.

I also respect Holly Koerber's opinion,

but I will be supporting and voting for Andrew Womble for District Attorney along with the majority of the attorneys in the First Judicial District. No one knows the candidates better than their peers.

I asked Ms. Koerber about

I asked Ms. Koerber about this and this is what she said, "Our personal liberty is so valuable in a democracy that people gave their lives to protect it-from both government overreach and lack of action. I gave examples of both historic overreach, including the Little Rascals prosecution, and government neglect, like Benghazi. Those who are in public office and ask for more time in higher public office should have their record scrutinized to review exactly how they met the critical responsibility of protecting our personal liberty as government leaders. Ms. Lamb as a prosecutor in the Little Rascals case involving government overreach and Ms. Clinton in her example of government neglect in Benghazi. How better to pay tribute to our veterans than to ensure we carefully consider who we put in public office to protect precious liberty". Betsy Meads

I have thought about this ALL DAY

Holly, please tell me WHY you chose Memorial Day to castigate Nancy Lamb for a case she did not instigate and simply followed the directives of her superiors. I can think of only one reason and it is ugly. And just, btw, what is wrong with "self-avowed feminists"? You have politicized Memorial Day to a point that makes me physically ill. Are you proud of yourself?

I'm always proud

of Holly. Hope you're feeling better.

Simply followed the directives of her superior?

I thought Ms. Lamb championed herself as an advocate for children's rights and hung her "prosecutorial hat" on this issue. If I'm not mistaken, she has published papers and spoken numerous times publicly about the Little Rascals case. To say she was simply following the directives of her superior is disingenuous at best.

You're getting ill?

Melanie James, if Holly's column has made you ill, I recommend two things, 1) seek professional medical attention and 2) refer all questions to the management of the Daily Advance. Column authors are not allowed to respond to their own columns according to TDA's rules.

Is the handling, or mishandling of the Little Rascals case

the reason the majority of attorneys(who are Democrat) are supporting Womble(a Republican) over Lamb for District Attorney? Only the attorneys know what is going on in the courtroom and DA's office. You certainly won't read about it in the Daily Advance.


What does this have to do with memorializing those who died for our Country? I could address some of your concerns regarding Little Rascals, Nancy Lamb and Andrew Womble. But I simply will not. I'm disgusted with the fact that this has even been dragged into Memorial Day.

Oh go ahead,

address my concerns. Maybe it will make you feel better. BTW, did you live in Hertford while the Little Rascals case was going on?

Politicizing Memorial Day.

Your Commander in Chief, BHO running around Afghanistan in a leather flight jacket telling the troops how much he appreciates them, while at the same time attending fundraisers which make him too busy to meet with Gen. Shinseki to come to grips with the VA scandal, now that's my idea of really politicizing Memorial Day. Spin is what a professional activist does best.

I quite agree

Mr Lehmann--well said and true.

And Little Rascals

has exactly what to do with Memorial Day? I have my own issues with Little Rascals, but it has less than nothing to do with memorializing those who died for our country.

Memorial Day & Little Rascals?

I agree with Melanie on this one. These are simply too incongruent streams of thought. If any political point ought to be made today, it ought to be the point of supporting our living veterans and soldiers. If a political finger is pointed today, let it be at both parties for their failures to truly support our veterans after sending them into hellish scenarios.


I agree with your point about both parties-also as a Veteran myself I most cirtainly agree about putting aside political finger pointing---I recommend you read my letter on this subject--printed on Memorial day. best regards Ray Clarke Sr

Thank You

Thank you, Craig.


Shaking my head. Talk about politicizing Memorial Day.

We need Holly's in depth review.

I wish Holly could put together an in depth review of the Little Rascals fiasco. It would be nice if she could review the trial transcripts, review the documentary that Frontline produced and write a couple of articles for this paper that would refresh us on this incident. Holly has the ability to do this. There are many people in this area that were not here or aware of the Little Rascals Case. Many people were too young to be paying attention. I have all suspensions the Lamb Camp is counting on this.

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