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Holly Koerber: Probe of Peel’s educational efforts wrongheaded

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It seems there will always be people who see more profit by dividing people than seriously considering opportunities for improvement.

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Why didn't we build the school for avaiation when we had the money given to us by Raleigh. Why are we focused on duplicating what was built in Currituck?

Land is still there

Of note, there are still 15 acres dedicated to the ECSU Ed facility which was brokered during the project development phase.

The money earmarked for that project was spent by ECSU

on the Willie and Jacqueline Gilchrist Psychology Building. When COA found that ECSU had spent the money obtained by Rep. Bill Owens and Sen. Marc Basnight at a time when there was little money available, COA decided to partner with Currituck. The original plan was a partnership with COA and ECSU to jointly build a facility at the Aviation Commerce Park here in Pasquotank. Needless to say, neither Bill Owens nor Marc Basnight were very happy with the way this turned out.

I find..

It amusing that so many claim to be for good education --but when Mr peel makes a effort to better education in this area he is made a target for scorn. Again..another very good article--well needed.

Recall election needed?

If the city council members pursue this course of action, can a recall election be held?

It could go away

I do not agree that the probe is a complete waste of time as long as those who now want it to end are not willing to clear the two individuals charged with these spurious and unfounded charges. My initial vote in support of an investigation was based on my desire to have all the facts come out. This included the origin and basis of them.

I believe that a complete review of the facts will show this to be what Ms. Koerber has rightly characterized as the work of "people who see more profit by dividing people than seriously considering opportunities for improvement."

Last Thursday a special meeting was called to consider suspending the investigation. The argument forwarded by those proposing it was that "we have all the facts", "we know what happened", "if we have an investigation and something is found wrong then I will vote to censure the Mayor and fire the City manager." Sure sounded to me like some folks had already made up their minds based on the flimsy accusations made by the NAACP.

To test this supposition, I made a motion to amend the original motion to say terminate the investigation and issue a resolution of exoneration. The ball was in the court of the original proposers to show us they believed it was unnecessary and unfounded. When they voted against their own amended motion, it was clear to me that they just didn't want all of the facts to come out they only wanted to go straight to trial. I cannot support that course of action.

These same proponents of getting past it and moving on, once again bemoaned the expense of an outside attorney and even cast aspersions at the attorney selected by them to do the investigation. When offered the opportunity to have our city attorney do it, they once again said no way.

While I would personally prefer to have every aspect of this case investigated thoroughly, especially the actions of the accusers, I am prepared to drop this investigation if and only if we clear the two accused parties. I am not sure that is really fair to our City Manager but hope it would suffice. Anything less is not justice.

You are absolutely right!

It took me a few minutes to absorb and accept what you were saying but, I finally got it. Thank you for taking the time to clarify your votes. I do believe Dr. Peel deserves his name cleared.


Councilman Stimatz - In your comment above, you did not make it clear that you also did NOT vote for the motion (that you wisely amended) which would have terminated this investigation & exonerated both Mayor Peel & City Manager Olson. Only Councilman Donnelly voted in favor of that amended motion. You indicate - in your final paragraph - "I am prepared to drop this investigation if and only if we clear the two accused parties". You had that chance on Thursday evening, Councilman, but you voted NO. Unless you are hearing completely different input, I would venture to say that Mr. Donnelly was the ONLY member of Council who represented his constituents' feelings on Thursday evening. Councilman Stimatz, I support & respect you, our very professional Mayor & our excellent City Manger. I am grateful for all your hard work and the expertise you bring to our Council. But this entire episode - from the initial accusations to the vote Thursday, is a fiasco. Bill Hiemer

There are other Issues in play

You are correct that only Mr. Donnelly voted at that meeting to stop the investigation. I hope you realize that I was working to show the true motives of the motion's proposers. Understand also that there was some uncertainty that Mr. Olson would be made whole by a resolution of exoneration and I was willing to wait until I had a chance to confirm this fact. This may have affected others' votes as well. Sometimes meeting constituents expectations takes a little more time than they prefer especially when there are other principles to consider. The issue is not dead and can be brought back before Council at any time.


Ms. Koerber, your columns are always well researched, rich in facts, and extremely well presented. They are a pleasure to read! This one is no exception. Thank-you for writing on important local issues with clarity & courage. I am a huge fan! Bill Hiemer


I think the probe is a complete waste of time, energy and money. A STEM school would be a great addition to the Albemarle Area.

Excellent Ms. Koerber - I

Excellent Ms. Koerber - I couldn't agree more.

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