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Holly Koerber: Teachers must be involved in curing what ails education

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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Education is a very hot topic these days, particularly the funding of education. Politicos from both sides try to make the case why their side is more attentive to the needs of those serving in education while everyone claims to have the best interest of the children at heart.

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Excellent Assessment

Excellent opinion article Holly.

Our Teachers are the Public Face

of Education.....yet they are in the proverbial Catch 22,in situations where most know their job but the environment and they system fails to let them do their job. Where is our School Board? and School Administration? Certainly not taking any heat for the failures. Kudos to ECPPS school board member, Hank Krebs, for attending last Tuesday and if I failed to recognize any other local school board member attending, I apologize. By the way, do you know that some teachers do not report all discipline problems because they are made to feel that this reflects on their teaching abilities? Maintaining control of a classroom is imperative in teaching, yet if a parent can't maintain control one on one with their child, how is a teacher supposed to in a class of 30 with more than one discipline issue? DISCIPLINE was of of the critical issues brought to this meeting by the teachers. I would also like to point out that Dr.Swain, an adjunct professor at ECU, was very prepared to tell Steinberg what he was doing wrong; but what are our universities doing to train teachers for the battlefield? I have heard unsettling stories of new teachers walking out during and after their first year, some even in their student teaching semester? Why? It seems they didn't sign up for a job that needs combat pay. I find it interesting that ECU does have three senior courses on "Problems in Education", BUT, there is no class time- the student picks one problem, studies it, writes a paper and sets up a meeting with the teacher. Wow, does that sound familiar!? Maybe this course should drop a student in a school with the instructions to determine the most capable teacher in the building and follow that teacher for a semester, noting all of their strongest qualities. EXCELLENT COMMENTARY by Holly! Betsy Meads

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