Holly Koerber: Why defend all liberties except religious expression?

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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New City Council members would like to return to a previous policy allowing an opening prayer before deliberations.

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Our Country

Was not founded of any of those religions. It was founded--in fact--on Christianity. It is because of that fact I believe that we have the liberty to believe what we will. As far as the opening prayer before city council goes it was made quite clear that leaders religious community of Elizabeth City are invited to participate.

I have to ask

And it is a serious question for all who agree with Ms. Koerber (and I should say that I don't ENTIRELY disagree). What happens when someone wants to offer a Muslim Prayer? Or a Pagan invocation? Or, God forbid, a prayer to Satan? I just don't think people in this area would countenance any of those; I think there would be a huge and loud opposition. I would like to be wrong.

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