Koerber-Audette: Left decries wealth-building, yet likes being wealthy

By Holly Koerber-Audette

The Daily Advance

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I have never understood the degree of hostility so many on the left have to the idea of building wealth. It often comes across as personal resentment that others have more than some and too often comes from those with much more than most.

Dear Reader,
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I wonder

If those who love to slam the "rich" on the right would be so vigerous to smam those "rich" on the left as well--I can wait to see that but i am not gonna hold my breath.

My Salary is Low!

Ms. Koerber-Audette, I work for the North Carolina Association of Educators. I earn only $10,00 more a year than I earned as a teacher back in 2001. I have not had a raise since 2008. Your article is not factual. I will detail my retort to your article later in the TDA.

Why don't you detail it right now Clyde Dorsey?

Why wait? You say you're saying the NCAE only pays you $10,000 more than when you retired after a career in teaching? Give us some numbers if you think you're so underpaid by the NCAE.

Here's a quote from

Here's a quote from Civitas. "As the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) holds its “School’s Out” rally, the Civitas Institute puts the spotlight on the gulf between teacher’s salaries and NCAE executives’ salaries. Using the latest figures* from 2012, the most recent available, the average salary of NCAE executives was $180,231, compared to a NC teachers’ average annual pay of $45,933. “I’m sure the NCAE will be talking about how the legislature hates teachers and education,” Civitas President Francis X. De Luca said. “But the real story is about how teacher union executives live large on the backs of hardworking teachers. The NCAE and their bosses at the National Education Association (NEA) don’t really care about children, they care about their salaries.” The NCAE is one of the largest chapters of the NEA in the nation. In order to join the NCAE, members are required to join the NEA, one of the most radical unions in the country."

holding to a different standard

Why would anyone expect the NCAE leadership to earn the same as teachers. Management always makes more than the workers; governor makes more than most state employees; generals make more than sergeants. Why do you want to hold NCAE to a different standard? Unless of course you are just going to hate everything that you associate with the Democrats or associate with a union (which NCAE is not). News flash: There are republican members of NCAE!. News flash: No one is required to join the NCAE!

One wouldn’t expect the NCAE

One wouldn’t expect the NCAE leadership to earn the same as teachers. We would expect them to earn far, far more – and they do. You’re right. I really don’t like unions. Unions are the primary reason the U.S. lost a high percentage of its manufacturing jobs to overseas companies. Unions (salaries and benefits) priced us out of the global marketplace. Public employee unions are the reason that no one has been fired at the IRS, State Department, VA – etc. People get shuffled around, but --- they don’t lose their jobs. NCAE joins hands with its parent organization National Education Association (NEA) to influence political campaigns. The NCAE Constitution requires NCAE members to be members of NEA, the largest teachers union in the nation.8 Membership in NEA requires even more membership dues. This fall teachers will pay an average of $237 to NCAE and $178 to NEA for annual dues NCAE frequently criticizes the influence of powerful corporate interests in American politics. However the fact is NEA and its local affiliates like NCAE represent the largest political influence on American politics In 2008, NEA spent $56.3 million on political campaign contributions. NEA is largest political campaign spender in American politics. NEA’s contributions are larger than Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and Exxon combined. In 2009 NCAE made $710,716 in nondeductible lobbying and political expenditures In 2010 NCAE contributed $172,950 to candidates. Democrats received $170,650 in contributions (98.6 percent); Republicans received $2,300 in contributions (1.3 percent). In 2008 NEA and NCAE contributed $1.8 million to help Bev Perdue win the 2008 Governor’s race. NEA spent another $1.7 million on campaign ads for Bev Perdue. Not all teachers have the same political views. Yet NEA and NCAE political contributions are overwhelmingly to one party. Do you support union leadership ignoring views that differ from its far left agenda?

the hypocritical left. You

the hypocritical left. You hear no one on the left criticizing Chelsea Clinton or her $600,000 a year salary from NBC. (When Hillary was broke leaving the White House, I wonder if she considered getting Chelsea to help her with her mortgage payments?). Regardless, what makes Chelsea Clinton worth $600,000 a year to NBC? The skeptic in me says that perhaps NBC is trying to gain favor from the Clintons. Here I go again. Read Maureen Dowd's article in today's Daily Advance. A link. http://www.dailyadvance.com/opinion/other-views/maureen-dowd-what8217s-chelsea-she-really-worth-all-money-2534655


to find this in the opinion piece: "I am not naïve (sic) however, and recognize that too often we see capitalists who miss the very important obligation of stewardship. From those who have much, much is required. This is a failing of the inability to control the human tendencies of greed and gluttony." BRAVO!

By Hollywood

Do you mean Clint Eastwood, Gene Simmons, Brittany Spears, Laura Flynn Boyle, Simon Cowell, Hillary Duff, Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis? Stereotypes are always a bad idea.

Big Difference

The afore mentioned arent always in our faces decrying the capitalistic system that made them rich. They wish for everyone to prosper and thrive within our system of freedom, I imagine the hero's of the left wish all were equal but them, that my firend is why the left has zero credibility with thinkers!

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