June 27, 2016 - 1 minute ago

What started as persiflage as to the fitness of Donald Trump to be president has morphed into a battle of charges and counter charges between America's premier pastor, Robert Jeffrees, and some one named Russell Moore who thinks he has the moral authority to judge who should be president.

June 27, 2016 - 2 minutes ago

The extremely conservative Republicans believe that regular handguns are useless against a tyrannical government and that powerful military-style weapons will be the only type of weapon that will be effective to meet a tyrannical government.

OK, but what if a tyrannical government arrives with…

June 27, 2016

I love being in the hospitality industry.

June 26, 2016

We thought Mayor Joe Peel made some excellent points last week in an interview with Staff Writer Bill West about the lack of structure to local economic development efforts and how that lack of structure can have impacts that, if not appreciated more fully, can be a lot more far-reaching than most of us think.

June 26, 2016

Holly Audette's dissertation regarding Second Amendment rights was well presented and right on target.

June 26, 2016

The USA is Donald Trump’s toy to play with.

June 25, 2016

WASHINGTON – Republicans complain that Donald Trump won’t stay on message, that he’s undisciplined and losing valuable time jetting off to Scotland to oversee his golf courses when he should be tending to the business of running for president. That’s all true, but there is…

June 24, 2016

One thing I have seen about a crony system of business is that it always complains about its amount of work and level of pay, and it always needs more assistance despite never having a 110-percent work ethic.

June 24, 2016

On June 19, a letter-writer wrote that Muslims should have stayed in the place where "God put them." This would be the Arabian peninsula.

June 24, 2016

The purpose of this article is to convey some understanding of how universities operate, where they get their authority and power from, and where their sources of funding come from. These are all tied together in a rather intricate fashion.

Each state in the country has somewhat complete control…

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