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Cook’s email-only communication non-responsive

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It goes without saying that state Sen. Bill Cook should be speaking directly to news reporters who call him with questions about matters of public interest. Since the end of May, however, Cook, R-Beaufort, has limited his communication with reporters to email.

Dear Reader,
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Email much easier and faster than a telephone call.

I would just like to add some of my experience to this comment. Have you ever tried to phone a senator or representative? It is almost impossible. You can get shuffled to a receptionist, or a secretary, or maybe even an assistant; most chances are you will never speak to the person you wanted to speak to. An email will at least get into their office. Someone may read it. But will your message ever get the person you want to receive it? Chances are no. Someone may read it and answer it with a prepared email written for the subject you wish to address and you must be satisfied with that. Registered, returned receipt requested, snail-mail is the only way I would attempt to write to any politician or company executive for information I wanted to obtain

OUCH Mr. Freespeaker!


Actually I meant no harm; I am not a stickler!

At an Education Forum I hosted in Beaufort County, I invited several Legislators and candidates to speak and answer questions for the audience. I encouraged the moderator to address the Legislators as Rep or Senator. After it began, she continued to say Paul instead of Rep Tine. Her reasoning was he was her friend. Oh well!

Mr. Freespeaker!

Please refer to him as Senator Cook, not Mr. Cook. That is protocol.

Hey Dorsey!

IF I were in his presence, I would certainly address him as such to acknowledge his position. With that said, outside of being face to face, I am under NO obligation OR protocol and will address him as I choose to. Hence, a title is nothing but a label and certainly does not elevate one person any higher than the other. It is more a courtesy than anything else. Make your references and titles as you choose in your own comments, but as for mine, you are just going to have to deal with it!

Glad to see

Mr. Clyde Dorsey Harris is now a stickler for protocol.


Tell that to TDA also.

Au Contraire!

TDA needs to realize that Mr. Cook is under NO obligation to speak with any reporter. After all the tongue lashing, negative crap TDA has spewed out about him over the years, I'm surprised that he would even bother to respond via e-mail, much less speak directly. My suggestion to TDA is: Start printing HIS true unedited responses, not the liberal, bias, misconstrued, taken out of context versions TDA is so guilty of. Then, maybe, responses will be forthcoming. For my part, TDA is getting their just reward with his silence.

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