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EC looks to officially become next Coast Guard City

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After a decade of dutiful attempts to gain the designation of becoming an official Coast Guard City USA, Elizabeth City is expected soon to join 16 other cities nationwide and become North Carolina’s second Coast Guard City. The other is Wilmington.

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Elizabeth City, Well Done!

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

As an old Coastie who first joined up with the

Coast Guard right out of high school on July 9, 1962, I have one simple request for our newly named Coast Guard City. Please do everything possible to celebrate the birthday of the Coast Guard on our actual birth date, which is Aug. 4 every year. Thank you. Semper Paratus.


I am very proud of ECity to know that they are considered good at how they treat the USCG and their families. The USCG is a very honorable national asset. Thanks to all who now serve and have served.

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