Our View: Brooks must follow judge’s sentence or go to jail

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We hope Elizabeth City City Councilman Michael Brooks learned a lesson last week, but forgive us if we’re not convinced that he did.

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Thanks Nancy Lamb for not holding public

officials accountable to the law. That is one of the worst offenses the public that you want support from has to endure.

What specific evidence of professional malfeasance...

...do you have against Nancy Lamb? I've always found it best to do my homework before I start throwing stones at someone, and I would be grateful if you did the same. So; if you find anything concrete supporting your accusation, please let me know, I'd be very interested in hearing it.



Did you read the article?

I hope you are interested enough to reread it if you did.

Yes, I did read it, but remember...

Frank Parrish passed away about eight months after Brooks’ deadline passed. It took Andrew Womble five months before he acted on the case, and then only after Brooks drew lots of negative attention himself. If blame is to be assigned, then let it be distributed fairly. Maybe the Daily Advance can look into this story?




Change in the DA's office we can believe in. This change has been long over due.

Wishful thinking at best

I don't believe Michael Brooks has it in him to abide by this ruling. I do believe he has the ability to make good decisions on council when he wants to. Unfortunately he chooses to cause chaos so he will look good to his supporters.


I am hopeful that this experience will help Mr. Brooks bring both his anger & ego under control. I truly believe he can be a positive Community leader. Thus far, I have been wrong. He is certainly qualified to bring forth concrete ideas and solutions to the problems facing our black community. Saying "we can do better" is meaningless. I hope he will view this as an opportunity to establish himself as an articulate, affirmative voice. He can become known for presenting real solutions to the real problems facing our City. We all make our own decisions. It is time for Mr. Brooks to make some good ones. Again, I am hopeful! Bill Hiemer

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