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Our View: COA should join ECSU in locating home ballfield

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One nice thing about having a baseball team is having a nice place to play.

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Practice and Game Days

Baseball is a sport that is practiced everyday during the season. How would teams share the field? Teams typically practice add the end of a school day.

I support your view point. I

I support your view point. I believe it is not only plausible, but workable; if the two institutions consciously work together to establish it. Because a joint athletic stadium will be in the best interests of both institutions; I believe it can succeed. I hope it does.

Would it really work for 2 higher education

institutions to share a field? I wouldn't say it absolutely couldn't work but I have my strong doubts. I want both institutions to have access to fields even though I don't place a high value on athletics. This is not tongue in cheek talking, I just honestly don't see how this would work without underlying tensions.

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