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Our View: Common Core in need of adjustments, not dismantlement

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Politicians in Raleigh don’t seem to mind taking credit when the state’s unemployment rate drops, or when a big business expands.

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Being one of the "first to adopt Common Core, winning a $400 million" is by no means an acceptance by the people. It only shows how quick some in government are to get on the federal bandwagon seeking federal grants. By the way, federal grants are not free. Central government takes it from us and turns around and hand it out and surprisingly how many think it is free money. They were buying votes and exercising big government control. Shame. Do your homework. An event under a tent in North Africa once the king asked his treasure (keeper of the money) what happened to the money. To that the treasurer called for a block of ice which he passed to his right and in turn was passed around until it got back to the king and it was about the seize of an ice cube in one's fridge. Point. Money when passed through many hands shrinks by each hand it touches.

I wonder if the Daily Advance

I wonder if the Daily Advance has looked at some of the Common Core math problems that kids have to deal with. I think not. I have talked to teachers who can't publicly speak about their frustrations with trying to teach a methodology that they don't believe in. Common Core is a mess - particularly in math - it makes things much more difficult than they need to be for kids (and parents who try to help with homework).

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