Our View: Council can benefit from mediation intervention

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Last Monday’s Elizabeth City council meeting wasn’t a high point for the city. In what appeared to be a spur-of-the-moment act, Councilman Montravias King, claiming years of low morale among city employees as the fault of City Manager Rich Olson, made a motioned to fire him.

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You Can Lead A Horse to Water

But you can't make it drink.

Arbitration, mediation, intervention, etc only work if the parties involved want to actually make change and work together.

It has been evident for years and at several retreats that some folks will never agree to disagree. Even when we agree to and adopt operating principals, some people ignore them and continue to exhibit divisive, rude and obstructive behavior. It is also clear from statements made by several folks that they aren't ready to discuss any kind of compromise.

While mediation is a commendable idea, there is no sense pursuing it until a significant mind set shift occurs in those unwilling to seek compromise. How and when that occur remains to been.


Councilman Stimatz - As always, appreciate & value your observations & candor. You do, after all, have a front row seat & have your pulse on Council sentiment. Was hopeful either or both Mr. Horton and Mr. King would be the needed change, but both have disappointed. Please keep pulling at the oars. You have a lot of support. Your efforts, maturity, knowledge & common sense do not go unnoticed! Bill Hiemer

Couldn't agree more,

Councilman. Publicizing the truth, calling people out to be to held account for their racism and double-standards, talking openly about the elephant in the room. The media can definitely assist with this.

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