Our View: Do not let gun advocates force guns at playgrounds

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Just as our legislature saw fit to fix a so-called problem — voter fraud — that didn’t exist, another new “gift” from our General Assembly that wasn’t needed has now taken effect.

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I carry a gun because I can't

I carry a gun because I can't carry a Police Officer


The danger comes from lawless individuals living in free housing and that are subsidized by the welfare system and are roaming the streets night and day. A decent, responsible gun owner (working for a living, paying his/her own way)is not a threat to the teachers or children at any school campus. Remember this. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Fear a government that fears your guns.

Typical stance

from this publication. You should really consider changing your name to the Democrat Advance... no acronym change required. This has nothing to do with vigilantism and everything to do with individual liberty. Since you went there, your ridiculous argument about Johnnie picking on Willie is ridiculous – because someone that twisted will ignore the current laws, regardless. Your scenario actually supports the argument of having armed LAW ABIDING CITIZENS in more places to prevent a massacre. Do you honestly think the criminals are obeying these laws? Do you honestly think criminals are now saying “Thank goodness! Now I can legally carry my stolen weapon in a playground!”? They already are! Have you heard of a city called Chicago and the problems they're having, despite having some of the toughest gun laws in the country? What has that got them? Laws only apply to those willing to follow them - which happen to be the ones you're trying to restrict! Let’s say the response time of the closest officer is 5 minutes, but the response time of a trained armed citizen is 5 seconds? How many rounds could a bad guy squeeze off in 4 minutes and 55 seconds? Let’s say you were having your annual Daily Advance pro choice / baby killing, ACORN voter fraud fund raiser at a public park, and heaven forbid some nut decided to start shooting people. Wouldn't it be nice if an armed law abiding citizen took him out in seconds, or would you rather stand on a picnic table and yell to the killer that this is a no gun zone - to stop shooting and wait for a police officer? I tell you what – put police officers with metal detectors at the entrance of every play ground and establishment that sells alcohol – then I’ll agree that Joe citizen should have to check their weapon at the door, and retrieve it when he/she departs. Deal? We have police offers who respond to disturbances? Really? Thanks for reminding us. I do want to thank all of our enforcement offers who have sworn to serve and protect. But let’s face it, they can’t be everywhere.

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